Sunday, June 30, 2013

EQ7 Summer Series - Block 2 - Foundation Piecing

It feels good to be back in my sewing room again!  School is out, and summer is in!  We had a fabulous family vacation to Orlando this month.  Health-wise, I've had a bunch of tests done, and am ready for my surgery this week.  This is the first I've spent much time in my sewing room all month - and this month is about up!

I've been following the EQ7 Summer Series.  June is Month 2 and uses EQ7's PatchDraw functionality with paper foundation piecing to sew the block together.

Here is my EQ7 Version and the actual finished block:

This second block was using the PatchDraw Worktable in EQ7.  You can find the blog post for this second block here.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow.   This is the original block design:

I've never done foundation piecing before, so I thought I would just rotary-cut the pieces and stitch them together.  Once I read the instructions, that called for very odd angles, I decided that rotary cutting wasn't going to happen, and I should learn foundation piecing and give it a try.

On the Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting website, I found a video that demonstrates the foundation paper piecing instructions.  Perfect!  I had this video playing and pausing a few times as I stitched my first pieces.  Having never done this technique before, I can see why people like it for odd angles - the points come out perfect!

First thing to do is print the pattern on thin tear-away paper.  I picked some up foundation paper at my local JoAnn store. The Print function of EQ7 allows you to print your block for foundation piecing.

If you want to try this pattern yourself, you can download and print my foundation pattern here.

Following the instructions on the video, I started stitching the fabric pieces to the paper foundation pieces.  Foundation piecing is also know as "flip and fold", because you do a lot of that to stitch these pieces together.  It is more time consuming, but it works well for these odd shapes and angles.

After stitching each of the block segments, stitch them together to form the block.

Remove the foundation paper after the block is complete.
Summer Drawing Series - Block 2


This month's mini lesson was using the Pieced PatchDraw technique to create the Eight Point Star.  You can find the mini-lesson here.

Here is the lesson's original block, and my EQ7 version.

Happy Stitching!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On Vacation

Been off the blog world for a little bit. We're enjoying a family vacation in Florida. 

I did get to shop at a couple local quilt shops!  I can share more on that later.  :-)

Hope you all are enjoying the start to your summer too. Be back soon. 

Happy Stitching!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Funday Monday 20

Welcome!  This is the last Funday Monday of our school year.  Can't believe the kids will be out for summer in just a few days.

For me, this weekend was a visit to the Quilters Unlimited 40th Anniversary Quilt Show, "Fabulous at Forty".   I went on Saturday for some shopping and inspiration.  I went back on Sunday, with my 12-year old DD for Girl Scout day.  We received free admittance, and there was a couple of special events planned for Girls Scouts who attended.

Here is a free class, "The Story of a Quilt"  for the Girl Scouts.

My daughter with an up-close view of the AccuCut die cutter.

There was also a scavenger hunt for the girls to identify the different types of quilts.

My DD's favorite quilts at the QU show.

Back at home, my youngest was cozy with Shadow.
Awww.  So sweet.

Please share what you've been up to!

Little Funday Monday History...
This past fall, my friend Kathleen (I mention her a lot on this blog) and I made a commitment to get together once a week for crafting during the school year.  We chose Mondays to be our day to craft, and we call them "Funday Mondays".    It makes Mondays much more fun, don't you think??

I always have more fun when I stitch with a friend, so I thought I would have a linky party so we can have everyone join for a group Funday.

Please join in and share a link to your post of what's new with you.  Anything family-friendly would be great!  I just ask that you link to a specific post in your blog (not your whole blog).

This party is open Monday - Friday this week, so that gives us plenty of time to come back and share.

Grab my button if you like:

Happy Stitching!!

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Quilt Show Inspiration, FMQ & Good News!

My friend and I visited the local Quilter's Unlimited 40th Anniversary Quilt Show this morning.  Love, love quilt shows!  I like admiring all of the quilts on display, and love to shop the vendors!  Here are a few of my favorite quilts, and their stories.  You may have to click on the photo to read the cards...

Love the bright colors and cool design.

I've heard of the stack & whack method to make kaleidoscopes quilts, but haven't tried it.

Amazing quilt done entirely by hand!

So pretty!

I love the 3-D designs!

Another beautiful quilt!

I like the open-cube idea.

It inspired me to do a little free motion quilting and get Kathleen's baby quilt done for her.  I'm not nearly as talented as the quilting on display today, but I can practice!!  The baby quilt has fairies and butterflies, so I did a flirty allover loop-de-loop design.

May be hard to see in photo, but it's a simple loop-de-loop design.  :-)

GOOD NEWS!  I'm breathing easier today.  Had our first visit to Hopkins yesterday.  My cancer was caught early, and hasn't metastasized.  I'm in good hands with my surgeon, who is Chief of  Endocrine Surgery there.  I go back later this month for more tests, and will have surgery in early July.  I'm relieved and glad to have a date set with this.   I'll take it one step at a time.

Now we're clear to enjoy a family vacation we had previously planned for when school lets out at the end of the week too.    

Happy Stitching!

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