Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Crafty One?? Plastic Canvas Club

My 7-year-old trying a latch-hook craft

So I convinced my friend Sherry to try the Plastic Canvas Club-of-the-Month program through Mary Maxim with me.   I enjoy doing plastic canvas crafts, and I know she likes them too.  This week, I started working on August's craft.  It is a lighthouse-motif Welcome sign.

Love when my package comes in the mail!

Canvas cut.

Last night, when I started stitching some white long stitches, my 7-year-old daughter starts watching me and offers to help.  I show her how to follow a color chart, and make long stitches.  She loved it!  She wanted to do more, but it was getting late.

Work in progress with my daughter's help...

First thing this morning, she is in my room, asking to do some more stitches.  I told her I would find her a project she can work on.  I found a latch hook kit in my project stash.  I figure the repetitive hooking-action is something she can master, and the printed canvas along with the color chart will make it easy to follow.

Happy to craft - still in her PJs.  :-)

She is so excited!  She is quite content to sit and craft for a while.   Maybe I have another crafty one?  Time will tell, but I'm glad to see her interest.  After she finished her first row across her project, she sighs and says "Only 66 more rows to go!"  Spoken like a true crafter.  ;-)

Happy Stitching!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Annie's Mystery Quilt Block 4

It has been a while since I finished the fourth book in the Annie's Quilted Mysteries Book Club, titled Broderie Curse.  I am just now getting a chance to blog about it.

Each book in the series includes a block for a mystery sampler quilt.  The first three blocks include:
  1. Friendship Star block.  
  2. Raven  
  3. Roman Tiles
The last book in the series will also include finishing instructions to create a mystery quilt designed by the series' characters, Cotton & Grace.

The fourth block is called Castle Block with a Finished Block Size of 12"x12".

This block uses four colors:  two lights, one medium and one dark.  I auditioned similar fabrics from the first three blocks in Electric Quilt again.  I decided to go with the yellow for my light color, along with a new large pink floral print as my second light fabric.  I used the green for my medium and blue again for my dark color.
Fabric choices for block 4

If you want to make your own Castle block, here is my rotary cutting printout from EQ for this block.

EQ7 Version of my Castle Block

Pieces cut.

Small units sewn together.

Rows ready for piecing.

Castle Block done.

Here are my first four blocks for this mystery quilt.  It feels very much like a Spring quilt.  :-)

Roman Tiles

I finished the book and made this block before summer started, so several more books have come in since then, and I need to get caught up!

Happy Stitching!

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