Sunday, February 28, 2016

Birth Announcement Embroidered Bears

Enjoying a little crafting with some embroidered bears.  Wanted to make a couple to surprise some friends.

 There are some cute designs online for bear stuffies done in-the-hoop style

Also found a 5x7 birth announcement embroidery design that seems to be popular from A Stitch In Time.
Birth Record design from A Stitch in Time.

Think they came out quite cute.
Finished Bears.

UPDATE:  I have been asked to remove this post that shows the work on this project.  Sorry.

Happy Stitching  (but not with Embroidery Garden) Anyway.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Work on Wednesday - Tapestry still going....

WOW: Work in progress On Wednesday

I've spent more time this past week working on my Golden Tapestry.  Over 500,000 stitches so far.  Sixteen blocks are done - the top half of the main design is stitched.
My girl doing a Vanna White impression with the tapestry.  :-)

I am still in search of gold silk for the tapestry border.  I've order several swatches of silk fabric from online places.  All of these patches, except one, have the word "gold" in their color name.  I am having a hard time finding the silk that seems to fit just right.
Not the right shade of gold yet.
Here are some progress photos of the tapestry since the last post:

Four blocks done on right quarter.

Two more done on next row.

Second row complete.

Top quarter row stitched.

Bottom quarter row stitched
Top right quarter of design stitched together.

One day it will be like this...

That's my WOW work-in-progress for this Wednesday.  I'm sharing with Esther's Quit Blog for her WOW blog link party.

Happy Stitching!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WOW: Golden Tapestry Still Working

WOW: Work in Progress on Wednesday

I've been making progress on my Golden Tapestry.  Ten blocks done now.

Each block takes a very long time to stitch. Especially since the gold thread is metallic and has kinked and broken on me several times already.  When the thread comes off the cone, it still has a curl to it as it is a wire-based-thread.  I've played with having the thread feed from several different positions. Everything I tried works for a while, but then the thread will eventually un-loop from its position and fail.  This last way I've tried has been the best way for me to thread the metallic thread so far.  It is not really how the thread stand is supposed to be used, but it has worked really well to relax the metallic thread as it feeds through to the machine.

Some progress photos:

First six block panels stitched.

Eight panels done.  First four stitched together.

Second row of four stitched together.

First eight blocks stitched together.

This is the top left-quarter of the main design.

That's my WOW work-in-progress for this Wednesday.  I'm sharing with Esther's Quilt Blog for her WOW blog link party.

Happy Stitching!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Golden Tapestry Work in Progress

I am so excited to begin work on my Golden Tapestry project.
I've had this design from Anita  Goodesign for 3 years.  I even mentioned it in a blog post when I bought it.  I wanted to  do my tapestry on a dark green background, and I bought the Dupioni silk for this project three years ago as well.  I sat on it this long for several reasons:
  1. I still need to buy lots of expensive gold metallic thread.
  2. I'm chicken to cut and stitch on my silk for fear of ruining it.  
  3. Just plain lack of confidence to start and finish this project.
After making a bunch of Anita Goodesign designs lately, I've got confidence in their designs and project instructions.  I searched online and found the best price I could for gold metallic embroidery thread.  I read many positive things about Floriani's Premium Metallic thread, so I ordered this brand in color Gold G3.  That took care of two out of three of my delay reasons.  I have a hard time finishing big projects. Today was another snow day and being stuck inside I decided to just do this project tackle my fear.  I took down the quilt blocks off the design wall from my uncompleted Crafty's 2015 Block of the Month class.  I haven't touched it since the end of summer sewing retreat.

I did read the instructions throughly before any cutting - even highlighted important notes.  Since this project requires the same size fabric panels for much of the project, I started the project off by cutting all the batting pieces I would need for main design, border and corner pieces.  Then I fused the interfacing to the back of the silk before cutting the fabric
Fusing the interfacing to silk before cutting.
Each file takes a very long time to stitch, so I arranged my materials in an assembly line order - ready for the next part.
Stabilizer, batting, fused silk and threads all ready to go!

I was able to get four panels done today.  Twenty eight more to go!!

The panels stitched beautifully.  Depending on the amount of stitches, each one takes 1-2 hours to stitch on my machine.

Four out of 32 main design panels done.
This project is going to take a while, but I love the look of it.  The gold metallic thread has been easy to work with.  

So now there is a new work-in-progress on my design wall.  :-)

Happy Stitching!

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Free Standing Lace Remembrance Ornament

I know the Christmas holidays are over.  Hopefully, your Christmas decor is put away by now.  This past Christmas season was very hard for my family.  I would say the entire last year has been hard.  It is only now that I am able to write a bit about it.

My father had always led a healthy and physically active lifestyle.  It served him well for 86 years.  For the last year, his health declined and it was very hard to watch and frustrating for him to deal with as well.  He passed away November 1, at the age of 87, and it was such an incredibly sad experience.  Most sad of all for my mother, who lost her life-partner, just shy of their 60-year wedding anniversary.  She did not decorate for Christmas holidays as it was all too soon for her.  I did however, want to make her something for Christmas in remembrance of my father.  I thought an angel of some kind would represent my father well.

The remembrance ornament I made for Mom in remembrance of Dad.

I searched online for an ornament design that I could work with.  Found several 3-dimensional free-standing lace ones that appealed to me at   I chose one of the ornaments with a bell-shaped skirt that looked like it had enough lace stitching that it could support lettering embroidery.  If you have not made free-standing lace designs before, see my prior post on how to stitch free-standing lace designs.
The angel ornament design that I started with.

I opened the angel embroidery design in my Brother BES embroidery lettering software.  I removed the embroidery roses from the wings and skirt.  It took a few trials and tests to come up with lettering that I liked.  I finally decided to put my father's full name across the bottom of the skirt, and his birth and death dates on the angel's wings, all in copper-colored metallic thread.  I stitched the angel in a linen color thread as I thought it was more masculine.

Final design stitched out.
I went to my local Hobby Lobby store for some findings to complete the angel.
Items to complete the angel ornament.

I used linen-color cotton perle thread to stitch the angel closed and to make the hanging loop.  I really liked the way the angel turned out.

I showed it to my sister who liked it as well.  I decided to make four more angels so that my siblings and myself could each have my father's remembrance angel on our Christmas tree.

A flock of angels for my father.

Mom and my sibs loved the ornaments.
Miss my Dad dearly.

God Bless You.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Reusable Zipper Bags

I attended an Anita Goodesign Embroidery Party last Fall. Had never been to one before, but it was a two-day event that was so much fun. As a result of this event, I did sign up to belong to their club, so now I get treated to new designs every month for a year.

Life has gotten in the way for the last several months, leaving me neither the time nor desire to sew. Having settled a bit now, I recently began spending more time in the sewing room. Last week was those little fuzzy bunnies from Artistic Thread Works.

I would like to try something new each month that comes out of the monthly designs in the Anita Goodesign clubs.  So, I decided to try the in-the-hoop snack bags.  These reusable quart-size zippers bags feature a vinyl window. I chose five out of the fifteen designs to make. They were quite cute, and stitching on the vinyl was no problem.
If you haven't tried in the hoop projects before, they are easy and fun to do.  Love the zipper bags as it means the entire project is stitched while in the hoop, with no openings to manually stitch closed at the end.

First the front fabric is stitched along with the zipper.  Embroidery of the design is done as well.

A placement stitch for the vinyl is stitched.  Place the vinyl, run the tack down stitch, and then trim as with an appliqué.

Run the rest of the embroidery design.

Trim the stitches and turn out when done.

Three things I learned from with this project.

  • I prefer to have a liner inside my reusable bag.  The first one I did was the iPod design, so I did it as instructed without a liner.  For the following bags, I added a fabric liner.  I could not add on to the front easily with the vinyl appliqué, so I added a muslin fabric piece to the back side.
  • When stitching on vinyl, it looks better to match the bobbin thread color with the top thread.  I usually have the white bobbin thread on the bottom, but when stitching thin lines on the vinyl, the bobbin thread may be seen through the clear vinyl.
  • When starting my embroidery on the vinyl, it is better to hold the upper thread tail at the beginning to leave a smaller thread knot on the back side.  Less visible through the clear vinyl window.
My son claimed the iPod bag for himself to use with his iPod and ear buds.  My youngest daughter claimed the butterfly bag for her nail polishes.  I put the other three bags up on Etsy.  

Happy Stitching!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fuzzy Bunnies!

I've been busy in the sewing room while we recover from the effects of the recent 32" of snow we received.  The kids were out of school all last week, and have had delayed openings this week.  Hoping for the return to normal routines soon!

I have this in-the-hoop bunny design in my collection from Artistic Threadworks, and decided to give it a try (The design is now at Holly's Design Studio).  It was fun to make, so I made some more - monogrammed a few and then made smaller ones to match!  What fun!

I feel like I am channeling Spring to come soon.  Tuesday was Ground hog Day, and an early Spring was predicted.  Let's hope that is true.

I've put this bunnies up on the Etsy shop.  Thought they would be great for Easter, and now is the time to get them.

They multiply fast!!

Enjoy your day!

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