Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gold Work Tapestry Quilt in Progress

Another week's worth of progress on the Golden Tapestry.  It is coming along!  Great news is that I've stitched the last green silk panel in the main design.  Happy Day!

 I started stitching the last panels together.  Will do the bottom right quarter of the design, then stitch it to the bottom left quarter, and then finally the top and bottom halves together.  I end up taking out my stitching and rejoining the panels at least once because the I am not happy with how the design matches up the first time.  Slow progress but it's getting there.

I have my gold silk for the border all cut and ready to stitch.  That will be next.

After the last green panel finished, I took a little break and stitched a couple fun signs for myself.  This tapestry definitely combines embroidery with quilting.

Embroiderer on Board and Quilter on Board signs!
Love the sewing machine motif border.  :-)

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Happy Stitching!

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Monday, March 14, 2016

My Crafty Teen's Quick Kimono

Showing off the kimono she made.  :-)
My crafty teen, now 15,  is a big fan of Pinterest.  Especially for crafts and DIY items.  She has been eying this kimono she found online by Leann Barlow.  The kimono had an online tutorial, so we gave it a try.

Inspiration for making a kimono.
We had one yard of a silky-type of fabric to work with. 
Prepping the fabric.
First thing was to take measurements. My DD is slender and 5' 6" tall, and our measurements came out smaller than what was used in the tutorial.

First thing was to cut the sleeves.  We cut ours at 10" x 24".  They are folded in half and sewn along the short side.  Next time, I think we will cut them longer at 12" or 14" by 24" - based on my daughter's preference for a longer length on her arms.

The second cut was for the back of the kimono.  Our's measured 24" x 32".  It was folded in half to cut it even.  This fabric was really slippery which made cutting straight a challenge.  A bit was cut at the top for the neck and the bottom was rounded, although not as dramatically as it was in the tutorial.

The third cut was for the front of the front of the kimono.  Ours measured 7" across, and the length was down to where the kimono began to round down.

The  front of the kimono was sewn to the back, leaving room for the sleeves.  The sleeves were then set inside the kimono and sewn around.  I do not have a serger, so we used a zigzag stitch for the seams.

A narrow hemmer foot was used to hem up the raw edges around the kimono, and then it was done.

Happy Girl.

The kimono turned out a little bit smaller than what she wanted.  Next time, we will make some adjustments to the sleeves, and the neck line.

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Happy Stitching!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Looking for Gold

I'm making progress on my Golden Tapestry.  Four more panels done to start the bottom half of the picture.  About 650K stitches invested so far.

I have been looking for gold silk fabric to be used for the border of the tapestry.  I was having a hard time finding a shade that I thought worked well for this project.  So I started requesting gold silk Dupioni swatches from several online places.  I didn't realize how many different shades of gold silk there are!

After five places, I have found a gold silk that I think matches well to the gold thread in this project.  I am using Floriani's Premium Metallic Thread in "G3 Gold".  Which gold silk swatch in the picture above do you prefer?

Here are the different Gold Silk Dupioni swatches pictured above:
  1. "Dupioni Silk Fabric Gold" from
  2. "Duppioni Silk Gold" from (they do have Dupioni misspelled on their site too)
  3. "Tibetan Gold Silk Dupioni" from
  4. "Golden Meadow Silk Duping" from
  5. "Rustic Silk Dupioni" from
  6. "New Gold Thai Silk Dupioni" from
  7. "Gold Thai Silk Dupioni" from
  8. "Victorian Gold Silk Shantung/Dupioni" from
  9. "Regal Gold Shantung Dupioni" from
  10. "Plateau Gold Shantung/Dupioni" from
  11. "Soft Gold Shantung/Dupioni" from
Costs for swatches varies from site to site.  Between all of these swatches, I have spent about $25.  So glad that a gold fabric has finally come in that I like.  Spending a few dollars at a time doesn't seem like much, but the costs do start to add up. was the most expensive per swatch price at $5 per swatch, but no shipping fee and it is a large sample piece.  The least expensive place that I tried was Vogue Fabrics.  Their swatches cost $1, and there is no shipping fee either, but their swatches were the most narrow pieces.  The most expensive shipping was at Mood Fabrics.

Swatch pricing for me:
  1.  $1.75 per swatch.  $1.50 shipping, $0.20 tax
  2.  $5 per swatch, $0 shipping
  3. NY Fashion Center:  $0.99 per swatch, $1.99 shipping
  4. Vogue Fabrics:  $1 per swatch, $0 shipping
  5. Mood Fabrics:  $1 per swatch, $5.50 shipping
So, which gold did you choose?  I am going with #11, the "Soft Gold" from Mood Fabrics.  Looking forward to getting it in!

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Happy Stitching!

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Quilted Monogram Mirror Set

I am getting a jump start on Teacher Appreciation gifts.  I am usually waiting until the last minute, but I wanted to give this mirror set a try, so a teacher gift was a good option.

Quilted Mirror and Monogrammed Pouch set

UPDATE:  I have been asked to remove the photos in this post that show my work on this small project.  Sorry.

Happy Stitching (but not with Embroidery Garden)!

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