Saturday, April 22, 2017

Many Recent Projects

Been stitching whenever  I can, but haven't posted the pics of many projects.  For project ideas and inspiration, here is a collection of what's been under my needle, but not shown before.

Easter Table Runner
From Advanced Embroidery Designs, I made this Easter Table Runner with free standing lace.  This project took a lot of thread!  Each design took well over an hour to stitch.  I used the same Floriani polyester embroidery thread in the top and bobbin for each.  Each designs required a few bobbin changes as well.
The website included detailed instructions on how to make this table topper.  Finished it in time for Easter.  🐣

I monogrammed a quilt patch blanket from Target, and made a stuffed bear for my sister's neighbor.
New BabyGift Set

Digitized a logo for my friend's husband's company.

Monogrammed a fleece pullover for my girl.  ❤️
This font came from The Itch 2 Stitch.

Made a mirror and treat pouch gift set.

Embroidered a wide ribbon for a Game Night Gift Basket:
This design came from Embroidery Designs.

Made a variety of zipper bags:

I digitized myself, a design for my friend's daughter at VCU.

Monogramed a circle font for my friend's daughter:

Embroidered a set of napkins for a teacher gift:
This design came from a $5 weekly set at Anita Goodesign.

No sewing required on this.  I completed two Quilt Magic kits that completed the Nativity scene I had done over the summer:

Made a Nativity tea-light set for my mother-in-law.

Made a Falling Leaves table runner with appliqué and embroidered-quilting.
The table runner and leaf appliqué, and embroidery design
came from American Sewing Guild's membership page.

I made a fall tea-light set for our own Thanksgiving display.

Happy Stitching!

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sewing Room Rearrange

With the new design wall, I once again rearranged the room a bit.  Am I the only one who changes things up often?  I missed having my regular sewing machine out.  Also wanted space for my laptop to be near my main sitting area.  The room is narrow, and space is a premium, so I once again pulled out the now laminated sheet of paper with the sewing room floor plan, and the envelope of my sewing room furniture pieces of paper.  Tried many options, took photos of each, but decided to go with the following:
Sewing Room Floor Plan Layout
I decided to fold down part of the cutting table, and orient the large sewing/embroidery machine into the room.  I like having the full table open, but it is too large to have out on a continual basis.  Most of the time I don't need to have the full table, so I'm hoping this arrangement will work.  There is room to open it when needed, but I like the extra space provided by folding down part of that table.

I also wanted to open up the sewing desk (labeled "Knitting Station") and use it for my laptop.  I missed having my laptop in a nearby, easy access to me where I mainly sit.  That label is old - I haven't used the knitting machine for years, but the dimensions are correct, so it works.

New room layout.  View from the entry door:
Pano-View of room
View from the standing at window:

My main work area.  

HQ Sweet 16 Sit-Down Longarm Quilting Machine

View of Design Wall, Singer Sewing Machine and Scan-n-Cut

Storage Closet in Corner, Folding table, sewing desks.

The room is so clean.  Time to mess it up with a project.  😃

Happy Stitching!

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