Many Recent Projects

Been stitching whenever  I can, but haven't posted the pics of many projects.  For project ideas and inspiration, here is a collection of what's been under my needle, but not shown before.

Easter Table Runner
From Advanced Embroidery Designs, I made this Easter Table Runner with free standing lace.  This project took a lot of thread!  Each design took well over an hour to stitch.  I used the same Floriani polyester embroidery thread in the top and bobbin for each.  Each designs required a few bobbin changes as well.
The website included detailed instructions on how to make this table topper.  Finished it in time for Easter.  🐣

I monogrammed a quilt patch blanket from Target, and made a stuffed bear for my sister's neighbor.
New BabyGift Set

Monogrammed my new backpack purse purchased at Target.
This font came from The Itch 2 Stitch.

Digitized a logo for my friend's husband's company.

Monogrammed a fleece pullover for my girl.  ❤️
This font came from The Itch 2 Stitch.

Made potholders and a hotpad for a housewarming gift.  Found the bakeware at Target.

Made a mirror and treat pouch gift set.

Embroidered a wide ribbon for a Game Night Gift Basket:
This design came from Embroidery Designs.

Made a variety of zipper bags:
This font came from The Itch 2 Stitch
This font came from The Itch 2 Stitch.

I digitized myself, a design for my friend's daughter at VCU.

Monogramed a circle font for my friend's daughter:

Embroidered a set of napkins for a teacher gift:
This design came from a $5 weekly set at Anita Goodesign.

No sewing required on this.  I completed two Quilt Magic kits that complemented the Nativity scene I had done over the summer.  I sent this photo of my Christmas mantel to Tuck-n-Go, the company where I purchased the kits from.  They liked the photo so much, they asked if they could use it.  Of course!  You can see my display on their site.
These no-sew quilt kits came from Tuck-N-Go.

Made a Nativity tea-light set for my mother-in-law.

Made a Falling Leaves table runner with appliqué and embroidered-quilting.
The table runner and leaf appliqué, and embroidery design
came from American Sewing Guild's membership page.

I made a fall tea-light set for our own Thanksgiving display.

Happy Stitching!

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