How To: Use Fring Cut Ruler to make No-Sew Blankets

I made several fleece no-sew blankets to give this Christmas.

I love using the June Taylor Fringe Cut Ruler. It is a plastic template ruler with slots for your rotary cutter.  It makes it so easy!
Buy this on sale or use a coupon at Jo-Ann.

Here is a quick tutorial of how I use it.

First, lay the two pieces of fleece on top of each other, wrong sides together.  Both of my fabric pieces  were purchased off the bolts at the JoAnn store.  Use a ruler to square up the fabrics.
Trimming the fabric.

Lay the ruler on your fabric.  I line the "O" mark of the ruler where my fringe will start.
Ruler in place with '0' line to start fringe.

Decide how wide you would like your fringe to be.  I chose 1" fringe.
Simply insert your rotary cutter in the appropriate slots at the 0" mark, and cut the fabric down the slot to the end, without moving the ruler.
I cut using the 1" space markings.

I have two rotary cutters, my blue one, where the blade is exposed only when you press down, and my pink one, where the blade is exposed with a slide-switch.   I have found that the pink one, with the slide switch to expose the blade, works best with this ruler.  The exposed blade fits nicely in the slots. Just be careful to close the blade when you lay your cutter back down.

Slide the ruler down the fabric, lining up the last cut with the first open slot in the ruler.  Continue cutting around the fabric.  When you get to the end, a corner will be cut out.  This is what you want.  
Cut out the corners.
Corner cut out and removed.
Continue sliding the ruler and cutting the fringe all the way around your fabric.

When you are done cutting, beginning knotting the fabric.  Tie the top and bottom fringe pieces together in a double knot. 
DD helping me knot the fabric.
Continue double-knotting all the way around.
Excuse my late-night PJ attire.   :-)


I think these throw blankets are so cozy and warm.  Perfect for winter nights.

Happy Stitching!


  1. What a clever way to make a throw - I love the snowmen they're very cute!

  2. Your throw is really cute. I have one I need to finish for my mom. I hope to accomplish that this weekend before I have to go back work.

  3. This is ever so cute, love the design.
    Please come and join in another weekly blog party -

  4. That's a cool ruler and a cute blanket! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!


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