Sewing Guild Retreat 2014

Last month finished in a blur.  So much to do before summer ends and school starts.
For one weekend in August, I got to attend my sewing guild's Taste of Retreat.  It was local, so I did not have to stay at the hotel, but I did get to enjoy three full days of fun and friendship with sewing friends.

Glance across one half of the room.

I spent most of the weekend embroider-quilting my quilt that I started last year.  It took a long time, but I got it done.  I'll add a post about it soon.
I shared a table space with a new friend, Johanna.  :-)

Checking out new fabrics.

I spent the entire weekend doing embroidery.  First up was a stack of shirts to have the Montessori school label done.  I have cut back on doing these, so these were the last ones.
My table space.

A cooler bag for a friend.

A backpack for my daughter.

A set of dish cloths for my sister.

Quilting my quilt using embroidery.  
Happy Stitching!!

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