Singer Featherweight Table Extension

I'm loving my Singer Featherweight.  It is cute, it stitches great, and it is perfect for travel.  I was organizing my sewing guild's end of summer retreat and planned on bringing just my new Featherweight this year, instead of my beloved but large and heavy embroidery machine. I thought I would bring my block-of-the month quilt project from Craftsy to the retreat and hopefully catch up on my blocks.  So do you know what would be great to go with my Featherweight? An extension table, of course!  That would be great to have, right??

Nova Montgomery sells one by Sew Steady. It is nice, but then I found some made by Bob Corey Associates at  Oh my, I really preferred the black color table over the clear one.  Figure I want to see what is on my table, not the mess I probably will collect underneath it.  Wasn't sure which size would be better for me - the mini size table has a review here, but I decided I would rather have the full size.  I know they are sometimes sold on eBay, but I ordered mine directly from the website.  It arrived quickly and was very well packaged.

Featherweight full size extension table.

I love the way it matches my Featherweight.  It is sturdy and heavy enough that it doesn't shift around while stitching.  The table legs detach making this table easy for travel.  It keeps my hands from rubbing on the decals on the featherweight bed as well.

I needed a bag to carry this extension table, so I picked up a yard of quilted fabric from my local JoAnn store , and quickly stitched a carry tote for it.  I found embroidery designs of the Featherweight bed decals at Jen's Embroidery Designs site.

Featherweight Bed Decal Embroidery Design 

I added it to my bag for a finishing touch.

This bag is wide enough to safely carry my long quilting rulers too, so that is an added bonus.

To the retreat we went!  Post on the retreat coming soon.  :-)
Featherweight set up at retreat.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Thank you so much for showing this. I am looking for a black table so this is a great help.


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