Sewing Room Revisited

Been looking online at sewing rooms lately.  Just love to see other's work spaces.  Done some changes to my own room over the last year so I'd thought I'd share the current set up here. There is a Sewing Room Designs group on Facebook which I recently joined too.   My room is long and narrow, with a sloped ceiling on one half.  The hard laminate flooring sure makes sliding things around much easier.  

Say Hello to my little friends.
I have a lot more whimsy in my room now.  I inherited a lot of sewing items and fabric from a friend whose mom had passed.  It had been five years, and my friend's father was just now getting ready to go through her sewing room.  She wanted the items passed on to another sewer/quilter, so I think her mom would be pleased to see her items enjoyed by someone again.

The clock on the wall has scissors for hands.
I now have a sewing desk too, from my friend's mom.  It is an older Horn desk, but I am excited that I am able to have flatbed sewing now!

My fabric and other items are in the storage closet there with the scissors hanging on it.  It isn't picture worthy to see what is behind that door.  I'd need to clean it first.  

Close-up of some fun things to see in my room:

Just got this sewing machine notions box from eBay yesterday.  

Above the doors:

The entrance to my sewing room is at the end of the hallway upstairs - over the garage area of our home.

This pic isn't in my sewing room, but just wanted to show another recent little eBay find.  I small Singer sewing box.  Thought it would look good with the treadle which is in the foyer.

Thanks for touring.  Happy Stitching!


  1. Very cute! It looks like a great place to spend the day!

  2. A very pretty, inviting room. It's so nice having designated sewing space. I do have a sewing room but it also doubles as my office - which might be a good thing as I tend to fill my spaces and run out of room....

  3. I love the hints of whimsy in your room now. I've missed checking in on you. Lucky you to have that old Singer machine too!

  4. Your Sewing Room is beyond words. I loved the tour and a room like yours would always be my happy room. I can just imagine the creative juices that run through your head as you walk in the door. Love it.


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