Looking for Gold

I'm making progress on my Golden Tapestry.  Four more panels done to start the bottom half of the picture.  About 650K stitches invested so far.

I have been looking for gold silk fabric to be used for the border of the tapestry.  I was having a hard time finding a shade that I thought worked well for this project.  So I started requesting gold silk Dupioni swatches from several online places.  I didn't realize how many different shades of gold silk there are!

After five places, I have found a gold silk that I think matches well to the gold thread in this project.  I am using Floriani's Premium Metallic Thread in "G3 Gold".  Which gold silk swatch in the picture above do you prefer?

Here are the different Gold Silk Dupioni swatches pictured above:
  1. "Dupioni Silk Fabric Gold" from Fabric.com
  2. "Duppioni Silk Gold" from Joann.com (they do have Dupioni misspelled on their site too)
  3. "Tibetan Gold Silk Dupioni" from NYFashionCenter.com
  4. "Golden Meadow Silk Duping" from  NYFashionCenter.com
  5. "Rustic Silk Dupioni" from  NYFashionCenter.com
  6. "New Gold Thai Silk Dupioni" from VogueFabricsStore.com
  7. "Gold Thai Silk Dupioni" from VogueFabricsStore.com
  8. "Victorian Gold Silk Shantung/Dupioni" from MoodFabrics.com
  9. "Regal Gold Shantung Dupioni" from MoodFabrics.com
  10. "Plateau Gold Shantung/Dupioni" from MoodFabrics.com
  11. "Soft Gold Shantung/Dupioni" from MoodFabrics.com
Costs for swatches varies from site to site.  Between all of these swatches, I have spent about $25.  So glad that a gold fabric has finally come in that I like.  Spending a few dollars at a time doesn't seem like much, but the costs do start to add up.  JoAnn.com was the most expensive per swatch price at $5 per swatch, but no shipping fee and it is a large sample piece.  The least expensive place that I tried was Vogue Fabrics.  Their swatches cost $1, and there is no shipping fee either, but their swatches were the most narrow pieces.  The most expensive shipping was at Mood Fabrics.

Swatch pricing for me:
  1. Fabric.com:  $1.75 per swatch.  $1.50 shipping, $0.20 tax
  2. JoAnn.com:  $5 per swatch, $0 shipping
  3. NY Fashion Center:  $0.99 per swatch, $1.99 shipping
  4. Vogue Fabrics:  $1 per swatch, $0 shipping
  5. Mood Fabrics:  $1 per swatch, $5.50 shipping
So, which gold did you choose?  I am going with #11, the "Soft Gold" from Mood Fabrics.  Looking forward to getting it in!

I am sharing this post on Esther's WOW: WIP on Wednesday's.

Happy Stitching!

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