End of School Year Gift Ideas

It must be getting close to the end of the school year.  Seems like I'm busy making items and doing embroidery for teachers and grads - for myself and for friends.   Also doing some logo shirts too.  Been busy trying to get lots of them done.  Some of the embroidery requests for grads are great ideas!  I have to get some for my own  gift giving.  :-)

Just check out some of these items from my sewing room lately:

- Logo embroidery for a friend's BBQ business
- Girl Scout Trefoil quilted and embroidered mirror and bag set
- Personalized travel mugs
- Personalized quilted duffle bag

- Personalized mirror and bag set
- Montessori logo embroidery on jackets
- More BBQ logo embroidered shirts
- Monogrammed tote bags

- Personalized fuzzy dog stuffy
- Birth record stuffed bear
- Monogrammed sports bag
- Wrist-strap reusable zipper bags

- Monogrammed tool bags
- Monogrammed Stackers

The last picture is of two graduation gift ideas that I love.  The photo on the left is for monogrammed tool bags.  I didn't think I could get those under my embroidery needle, but turning them inside-out did work for them.  I really like how they turned out.  The red ones cost about $20 and were available at Target.  
Tool Bag set which I embroidered.

The other photo above is the small sized Stackers Bedside Pockets from the Container Store.  These are bedside pockets that tuck under a top mattress and hand down the side.  They hold cell phones and a book or magazine.  Great for lofted beds in the dorms where there is no room for a nightstand.

Bedside Stackers

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Such fun and useful gift ideas. I particularly like the tool bag and the bedside pocket. Monogramming them make such a special gift.


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