In The Hoop Cross-body Bag done in 4 Minutes

I really enjoy in-the-hoop projects.  They turn out great.  Look nice, and are always consistent in how they finish out.  I decided to have some fun the other day and record the actually process of making an in-the-hoop embroidery bag design.  Although they are not hard to do, they do take effort that some people may not realize.  In order to condense it down to something fun and reasonable to watch, I did it as a time-lapse.  Complete in four minutes.  Speed sewing at is finest.  :-)

I stitched a Cross Body Bag design from Embroidery Garden.  I stitched the 7" x 10" size bag.  It is nice for carrying just a few things and includes pockets for driver's license and credit cards.  The entire bag-making process is there in the video, starting with the cut fabric and ending with my completed bag.

So here is my very first You Tube video uploaded for your enjoyment!!

UPDATE:  I have been requested to remove the video of my working on this bag.   Plus other photos in older blog posts where I work on Embroidery Garden designs.  Apparently they want their designs to remain a mystery.  I am very disappointed with Embroidery Garden to say the least.  :-(   Good news is that there are plenty of other embroidery companies to support.   

Happy Stitching (but not with Embroidery Garden)!