Saint Patrick's Day Table Runner

After seeing a Saint Patrick's Day table runner online, I decided to make one for our kitchen table.  Based on the size I had available on our table, I worked backwards to determine the size of the blocks (8" finished), sashing (2" finished), and binding (.5")

  • Shamrock (Greenwork) from Embroidery Library (I did not stitch out the stars)
  • Shamrock Wreath from Embroidery Library
  • The clovers are built into IQ Designer on my Destiny II machine
  • The background stipple was also done using IQ Designer on my machine.
  • Three 8.5" squares of white background fabric
  • Ten 2.5" x 8.5" strips of contrast green fabric
  • Eight 2.5" squares of white background fabric
  • Backing fabric
  • Cotton Batting
  • Insul-Bright
My fabric choices - found at my local JoAnn store.

Preview of table runner done in Electric Quilt 7.
To Make the Table Runner Top:
  • Embroider each large block.

  • Use 1/4" seams.
  • Stitch two green 8.5" strips to the left and right sides of each wreath-embroidered block.
Make two of these.
  • Stitch two small white 2.5" squares to both sides on four green strips.
Make four of these.
  • Stitch two of those green/white strips to each of the wreath-embroidered blocks to complete them, matching up seams.
Complete two of these blocks.
  • Stitch two 8.5" green strips to top and bottom of the 8.5" center block.
Center block.
  • Stitch the center block to the adjoining wreath-blocks (matching up seams)  to complete your table runner row.
Complete table runner top.

To Quilt:
  • Lay the backing fabric, face down on your cutting surface.
  • Add a layer of cotton batting.
  • Add a layer of Insul-Bright to allow it handle hot dishes.
  • Lay the table runner top on top of this.
  • Pin-baste the quilt sandwich.
  • Quilt as desired.  ðŸ˜ƒ
    • I hooped the quilt sandwich for each main block and used my Destiny to scan the hoop.
    • Based on embroidery design, I used IQ Designer to draw an outline around the embroidery and added stippling around the design inside each large block.
    • I re-hooped and scanned the quilt sandwich for each block and added the small clover built-in design.
After my quilting.
Close-up of in-the-hoop stipple quilting.
Finishing the last of the self-binding.

You can see this table runner's embroidery has extra dimension for the extra layer of insult-bright fabric that was added.  I like it!   ☘️

Happy Stitching!

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