Embroidered Gifts and Projects...

Been busy doing smaller projects the last couple of months.  Here are some pics for ideas and inspiration...

First up, I monogrammed some outdoor blankets for graduation and birthday gifts.  I picked these Lightspeed brand up at my local Costco, but Amazon has them as well.  These blankets are sturdy and have a flap that is perfect for monogramming.  I used a sticky stabilizer and supported the blanket as it stitched on the machine.

I love my black backpack that I monogramed last winter, that I picked up a white one at Target for the summer.  I say my backpack has now been upgraded from Target to Tarjay.  πŸ˜€  The Intertwined monogram font on this backpack and the above blanket came from The Itch 2 Stitch.

A local teacher asked me to monogram a couple of basketball bags.  The team name was already stitched on the bag.  Was able to fit the last name on the pocket flap and the player's number on the top of the bag.  I used the Athletic Block font from Rivermill Embroidery.

For Teacher Appreciation, my daughter gave her teachers monogrammed insulated lunch bags, purchased at Five-Below.

For a new baby boy.  Monogrammed a blanket purchased from Target, and made the bear to go with it.

For a 1-year old battling liver cancer, another bear and a small liver cancer-color ribbon tea light.

My collection of zipper bags this year is from Anita Goodesign.  These bags are done using their Zipper Bags 1,2,3 collection.   What is nice is that there are a variety of quilting designs to choose from for these bags.  I must say, the AG written instructions for these bags is hard to follow.  I did enough of these bags that I got a system down to complete these bags without much difficulty.  I will have to write this up for a future post.  These bags are for recent graduates and my daughter's Girl Scout leaders.  The Maryland university logo I digitized myself.  The Towson university logo I found online.

Another favorite graduation gift is monogrammed tool bags.  Such a practical and handy gift to give and receive.  These red Durabuilt tool bags are available at the local Target store for $20.  To monogram them on your flatbed machine, simply turn the bag inside out, use sticky stabilizer, and baste the monogram.  Support the bag while it stitches to make sure the needle area is clear.  See second photo below.

And finally, just before our American the Beautiful family vacation, I made luggage handle wraps for all of our checked luggage.  They are simple quilted squares with cam snaps for closure.  Made it easy to identify our bags on the carousel.  ✈️

Happy Stitching!

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