Mom's Needlework ❤️

Thought I would take a moment to share my mom's needlework.  She is 87 years young, and I absolutely adore my mother!

Mom working on the table topper.

Mom enjoys needlework, so for Christmas last year, my sister and I gave her a Nob Hill Fall Blooms stamped embroidery needlework ensemble. There is a Nob Hill "Blooms" set for each season.  We liked the colors in the Fall ensemble, and we figured it would give her plenty of time to work on this project before fall actually arrived.  I see mom regularly, and often times when I visit, I find her like this photo.  Busy working on her projects.  ☺️

She completed all three pieces from this set, which included a pillow, table runner and the table topper.
Fall Blooms Pillow

Fall Blooms Table Runner

Mom is an excellent seamstress. Although she only sews occasionally now, I have fond memories of coming home from school, and she would always be downstairs at her sewing machine, working on something and wearing a tape measure draped around her neck.  She sewed most all of her clothes.   I never caught on to sewing when I was growing up.  Mom always did it for me, and I did not take advantage of learning her skills while I was at home.  She made all of my dresses, skirts and tops when I got my first real job out of college, as I didn't have money yet to buy a business wardrobe.  The outfits she made were tailored and fit me to a tee.  I still have them hanging in my closet even though my size is not what it used to be - I will not part with them.

When I finally bought my first sewing machine, as an adult, I quickly fell in love with it.  I came to mom for many questions while learning, and I wished I would have paid more attention to learning from her years ago.

She still comes to my rescue when I need help:
Mom helping me in my sewing room. :)

I brought her a new type of project at the beginning of this month to try - Diamond Painting.   It is like paint-by-number or mosaic painting, but it uses small diamond-like facets.  I haven't tried it before, but I saw the Hummingbird Calendar Diamond Dotz kit at Mary Maxim, and thought mom might like it.   Mom loves birds - especially when the hummingbirds come visit.   She got right to work when she opened it.
Diamond Dotz craft

When I visited her a couple of days ago, the hummingbird project is complete.  I definitely think her continued interest in her hobbies helps to keep her mind sharp.  Time to find another project for her.  😊  I am so blessed to have her for my mom.

Happy Stitching!
Warm greetings from Mom and I.❤️



  1. Such beautiful needlework (and mother and daughter team)!!

  2. Hi Sylvia....Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed today's post. It's so nice that you and mom now share your love of sewing and embroidering and have her to come to the rescue when needed. I picked up sewing when our daughter was born 60 years ago and added quilting to the mix about 20 years ago. I had no desire to sew for the 3 boys, but they and their children now have many quilted items to make up for it.
    Beautiful mom, beautiful daughter and beautiful hand work on your projects.

  3. What a wonderful post. Wish that I had had someone to learn from, but it was not to be. I certainly envy you! Your mom's work is absolutely gorgeous. Always treasure it!

  4. What great memories! I have the same of my mom. Enjoy every previous minute with your mom that you can. I bought all the Bucilla Felt and sequined stockings, tree skirts etc and mom worked on them. They were wonderful for her as the Alzheimer's started. We now have our first grandchild and he'll have a stocking made by Nana, too, even though she's no longer here. She, too, made all my clothes! They were wonderful and much more professionally made than "store bought"! Here's to all the wonderful Mom Memories! Keep making them!!


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