Perfect Embroidery Machine Mat

My large Baby Lock Destiny sewing & embroidery machine sits on a table in my sewing room.  I have heard from others that a mat under the machine reduces noise and vibration.  I have found the perfect mat for my my needs.  It is the perfect size even with the embroidery arm module attached.

I looked online to see if there is a commercially made mat for sewing machines.

There are of course, and Brother makes one in the correct size for the large machines:

But this mat looks like a giant mouse pad to me.  You know the kind with the fabric covering a black rubber base.  I read that this giant machine pad has a strong rubber smell - enough to give you a headache.  

I went looking at my local hardware store, and found this foam kitchen mat at Home Depot for under $20:

The foam is thick - does not smell, and I love the linen-look of it.  Even looks good without the embroidery unit attached.

Just wanted to share this find with you. 🙂

Happy Stitching!



  1. Great idea. I am going to look for a mat that fits my embroidery machine footprint.


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