I'm an Ornament Girl!

I recently learned about Staci Lowery.  She is a crafter entrepreneur and founder of The Ornament Girls website and club.  After browsing her website, a message popped up asking if I was interested in a free 3-part video series where Staci shows how to make a basic star quilted ornament.  I decided sure, why not?  So she sent a few emails - each with a link to a video where she explains in depth her method for making quilted ornaments.  I watched the videos and thought it would be fun to make some quilted ornaments.  Feeling lazy, I figured I would try her Ornament Girl VIP club which includes all the physical materials for her monthly ornament craft.  I wouldn't have to go out and buy anything else for these projects as everything is included.  I figure if I really like this type of craft, I can always go out and start buying more supplies on my own, once I know what it is I need.  ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I think I can safely safe I've become a fan of Staci and am happy to be one of her Ornament Girls!

Here is the ornament I made this past weekend.  It is her December ornament craft.  I love the dimension this ornament has.

Her eBook instructions are clear and very detailed.  The weather was bitter cold this weekend - a good choice to stay inside.  I loved that I could put my feet up in the easy chair for a little while with my craft kit and instructions and enjoy making this ornament.

A work in progress...

This December ornament kit is only my second one I've tried.  I started with the Ornament Girls Club in November and received this peppermint-swirl looking ornament kit as my first one.

So excited to receive my first ornament kit.

I was so excited about making this, that I made the ornament the first night I received my package.  The November kit also has a full-length details video tutorial that shows her making the ornament from beginning to end.   That was perfect for me since I had never done one of her ornaments before.

Woking on making my first Ornament Girl ornament.

I love the choice of fabrics for these ornament kits.  The peppermint swirl  was fun to do.
Something fun to make.

I also like that the little extra beads are included as well.  Adds a little extra sparkle.  ✨
Can't wait for next month's ornament!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Beautiful ornaments. One day I hope to make some. I just never get around to it.


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