Wallet/Diabetic Case Work in Progress

I mentioned before, that I promised my friend that I would make her teenage daughter a wallet that also functions as her diabetic case.  She currently uses her diabetic case to hold her driver's license and cash/cards.   Would be much nicer to have a separate compartment for a wallet, and a separate compartment for her diabetic needs.  Unfortunately for me, I am unable to find a pattern for just such a case.  So I've been trying to come up with my own design.   It has taken me a long time, just because I'm chicken to create the entire thing from scratch.  So I thought I share my progress so far..

So this is the case I am to replace:
I took lots of measurements of what she currently uses:

My friend has a very good idea of what she is looking for in a new case.  She is looking for a dual-zipper case.  One side is for the wallet, and the other zipper opens up the diabetic compartment.  There is a dual-zipper diabetic case that we found on Etsy.   It has the two zippers that she is looking for, but not the wallet function.  I emailed the etsy shop, but she does not sell the pattern for her case. 🙁

So my friend sent me some details on what she is looking for, based on what she has, what she wants, and what she can find online...

So the first zipper compartment is the wallet.

  • Cell phone pocket on left
  • card slots, bill and card slots on right.  
The second zipper compartment is for the diabetic side.

  • A full-length zipper mesh pocket on left
  • A deep compartment on right to hold meter and needle pricker.  Loops to secure not used.  She keeps a tissue in there to blot her finger.  

I drew out on graph paper my ideas (see first pic above).  For the front cover, her daughter picked out a monogram style from a bunch of samples.  She also requested dark fabric, turquoise monogram and a diabetic ribbon on the back cover.  I've created the following panels:

I trimmed the panels, and sewed Soft & Stable to the front and back covers. Sent these ideas to my friend to see if her daughter has any changes in the design so far:

I am trying to keep the case as small as functionally possible for her.  The seam allowances are marked in chalk in the following picture:

So that is where it stands at this point.  My next hurdle is how to stitch it all together with the two zippers.  She also wants the elastic finger loop on the outside as a way to carry the case.  No handle or wrist strap desired.  Just a finger loop as her original case has.

Stay tuned...  😃

I am sharing this on Work in Progress Wednesdays, and Free Motion by the River.

Happy Stitching!


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  1. What a great idea, Sylvia. I know your friend's daughter is going to be thriled with the purselet you're making her. Can't wait to see the final.


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