St. Patrick's Day Kaleidoscope Ornament

This ornament pattern came in February's Ornament.  I thought I would wait until closer to St. Patrick's Day to complete it.  It's an easy, two-color kaleidoscope pattern that was sent to club members.

This is the forth Ornament Girl kit that I've done as a VIP member of the Ornament Girl's Club.  Still loving them!

My materials all laid out and ready to begin!
This month's kit included a full video tutorial.  That is really handy to have as it steps through the entire process for making the ornament.

Love the videos that follow the pattern!

One side of the ornament completed!
This ornament went much easier and faster than last month's challenging heart ornament.  I still love making these ornaments and learning the patterns.  Think I may keep it up for a year, so I'll have an ornament to display for every month.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  πŸ€

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