How to Monogram Tool Bags for Gifts

End of school year brings needs for gifts.  A few years ago, I was asked to monogram a tool bag for a gift.  Didn't think this could be done on my single-needle machine, but to my surprise, it is actually doable.  I've since become a fan of this gift for graduates who will be going away to school, or moving out on their own.  It is a gift that will come in handy for years to come.  I monogram a few every year now for gifts.


- These tool bags can be found at your local Target or other store that may have basic tools sets.  They cost about $20.

Make sure one side of the bag is blank, and has enough space for a monogram, without a pocket on the inside behind it (don't want to stitch it closed).
Fresh tool bag ready to embroider.

- Turn your empty bag inside-out.  It may be a bit tough to do, but push it all the way out.

- There is about 2" maximum height for letting on the red bag. A 4x4 embroidery hoop will work fine for this project. Use the hoop template to find and mark the center of you embroidery space with a removable ink marker.
Find your center point.

- Hoop sticky stabilizer. Either tear-away or cutaway will work.  I used tear-away as that is what I have on -hand.
- Hoop the stabilizer with the paper-side up.  Score the paper with a blade edge and remove this paper backing.
Peel paper backing from sticky stabilizer.

- Load the hoop onto your embroidery machine, and tuck your tool bag so the embroidery space is under the needle.  Press down to stick the bag to the stabilizer.
Support the bag to make sure it moves freely.

- Begin your embroidery and support the tool bag to ensure it moves with the embroidery arm as it should.

- When embroidery is done, carefully remove the project from the machine.  Trim or tear the stabilizer from the back of the bag.

- Turn the tool bag right-side out and you are done!

Happy Stitching!


  1. So, I'm new at embroidery. If you have your bag inside out, do you reverse your design? It looks like you have it flipped and reversed? Thanks. Great idea!!


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