Quilter's Planner Unboxing

As we go into 2019, I have a goal for myself to spend more time in my sewing room.  I have many, many projects to do.  I have a cabinet of projects - all bagged with fabric and supplies needed.  Just need to sit and stitch.  I'd like to spend some time - every weekday is possible - doing some crafting.   To help me, I invested in a treat for myself - The Quilter's Planner, designed by Stephanie Palmer.  I've been looking forward to seeing this planner and how I can use it.  I use the calendar on my phone to keep track of the family's daily activities and appointments.  I wanted something specific for my crafting, and have been anxiously awaiting until the end of this year to open this.  😀

So here is the pretty box that comes in the mail, and a peek inside the cover. 

It is packaged very nicely.  I ordered the planner with the navy floral cover.  It is about the size of a sheet of paper, slighter smaller.

First impression is that this is more substantial that I was expecting.  It is about an inch thick, and the covers are very sturdy, laminated cardboard.

Since I pre-ordered my 2019 early, it came with a surprise bonus.  It turned out to be the Pollen Pillow EPP Shape Set by Kitty Wilkin at TheDIYAddict.  I've never done English Paper Piecing before.  There are instructions within the included Quilter's Planner magazine.  I may have to add this to my list of projects this year.
The included surprise bonus.

Opening up the planner, the months are divided by sturdy tab pages.  Very bright layout, with a 2-page month to start, then 2-page weekly pages follow.  Lots of space to write plans and ideas.  

The back of the planner has a Project planner section for more detailed planning.  Also has a reference section with handy charts and tables.

Included in the box was a Quilter's Planner Magazine.  I'm also impressed with the quality of the paper and content of this magazine.  It had patterns for all of the quilts that are featured within the 2019 planner.

The Quilter's Planner website has free downloads and printables available.  Including reference sheets, graph papers and holiday planning pages.  It is also an excellent resource for pattern covers, if you want to make a cover for your planner.

I'm super excited to begin using this planner.  I think it is more than what I need for my purposes of using it strictly for crafting purposes.  It is capable of being the primary planner used for all daily needs.  I still use my phone's calendar for my mine and my family's daily needs.  But I will definitely use this planner for everything crafting.

Happy Stitching into the New Year!

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  1. So how is the planner working for you? I tried to put my projects in it but I kept falling behind. Love the color/design of the planner. Maybe next year I'll get more organized.


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