Funday Monday 20

Welcome!  This is the last Funday Monday of our school year.  Can't believe the kids will be out for summer in just a few days.

For me, this weekend was a visit to the Quilters Unlimited 40th Anniversary Quilt Show, "Fabulous at Forty".   I went on Saturday for some shopping and inspiration.  I went back on Sunday, with my 12-year old DD for Girl Scout day.  We received free admittance, and there was a couple of special events planned for Girls Scouts who attended.

Here is a free class, "The Story of a Quilt"  for the Girl Scouts.

My daughter with an up-close view of the AccuCut die cutter.

There was also a scavenger hunt for the girls to identify the different types of quilts.

My DD's favorite quilts at the QU show.

Back at home, my youngest was cozy with Shadow.
Awww.  So sweet.

Please share what you've been up to!

Little Funday Monday History...
This past fall, my friend Kathleen (I mention her a lot on this blog) and I made a commitment to get together once a week for crafting during the school year.  We chose Mondays to be our day to craft, and we call them "Funday Mondays".    It makes Mondays much more fun, don't you think??

I always have more fun when I stitch with a friend, so I thought I would have a linky party so we can have everyone join for a group Funday.

Please join in and share a link to your post of what's new with you.  Anything family-friendly would be great!  I just ask that you link to a specific post in your blog (not your whole blog).

This party is open Monday - Friday this week, so that gives us plenty of time to come back and share.

Grab my button if you like:

Happy Stitching!!

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  1. Sylvia, thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog...I'm really sorry i didn't make it for Funday Monday... and it was the last of the year?? I'm really sorry...but... you too, mom of two, you may understand me...always not enough time to blog..:( Anyway.. I'll stay tuned to yours because i really find inspiration in here!!! Kisses from far far away Athens Greece!!


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