Quilt Show Inspiration, FMQ & Good News!

My friend and I visited the local Quilter's Unlimited 40th Anniversary Quilt Show this morning.  Love, love quilt shows!  I like admiring all of the quilts on display, and love to shop the vendors!  Here are a few of my favorite quilts, and their stories.  You may have to click on the photo to read the cards...

Love the bright colors and cool design.

I've heard of the stack & whack method to make kaleidoscopes quilts, but haven't tried it.

Amazing quilt done entirely by hand!

So pretty!

I love the 3-D designs!

Another beautiful quilt!

I like the open-cube idea.

It inspired me to do a little free motion quilting and get Kathleen's baby quilt done for her.  I'm not nearly as talented as the quilting on display today, but I can practice!!  The baby quilt has fairies and butterflies, so I did a flirty allover loop-de-loop design.

May be hard to see in photo, but it's a simple loop-de-loop design.  :-)

GOOD NEWS!  I'm breathing easier today.  Had our first visit to Hopkins yesterday.  My cancer was caught early, and hasn't metastasized.  I'm in good hands with my surgeon, who is Chief of  Endocrine Surgery there.  I go back later this month for more tests, and will have surgery in early July.  I'm relieved and glad to have a date set with this.   I'll take it one step at a time.

Now we're clear to enjoy a family vacation we had previously planned for when school lets out at the end of the week too.    

Happy Stitching!


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful quilts! So gorgeous! So glad to hear your good news. Catching it early is the best news! You'll be fine. That's really wonderful news!

  2. Beautiful quilts. I am glad you had some good news and I will continue to pray for you.

  3. wonderful news and lovely quilts

  4. beautiful quilts and so good to read you caught the cancer in time-hugs

  5. That is a great medical update!
    Thank you for posting the photos of the quilts. I went to my first quilt show in 2012 and couldn't wait to go back this past year, now I am counting the days until the March 2013 show.

  6. Glad to hear the good news and to see some pretty quilts.


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