Blog Friend Meet Up!

Have you ever met any of the online friends you've made through blogging?  I did for the first time today!  I originally met Susan (from Organized 31) through our blogs last winter, and we have occasionally exchanged emails this past year.  Turns out, Susan's last family move brought her to the northern Virginia area - within 10 miles of where I am.   She suggested we actually meet in person, so we did!

Selfie shot at Panera's!

It was fun.  I was a little unsure at first as I've never met an online friend before.  Susan hadn't either.   My daughter was teasing me that Susan wasn't really going to be who I thought at all.   Susan turned out to be a great person and I'm so glad we did this.  We'll meet up again soon.

If you haven't met Susan, check out her Organized31 blog.  She is super organized, crafty and great at repurposing stuff.  She is so sweet, she crocheted me a little nick-nack bag for my sewing room!

Love my new little knick-knack container.
Now I need to do a little something for her before our next lunch.    

Happy Stitching!!


  1. How fun! Looks like you two really hit it off. And btw, I love northern Virginia. So beautiful there!

  2. How wonderful! Had to be a special day, enjoy the new friendship.

  3. How special! I met a forum friend once and it turned out fabulous. It looks like you will be friends forever. What a pretty gift she made you.

  4. Sylvia, I had so much fun having lunch. I felt like I knew you from your blog and from our emails, but I'm with your daughter, you never kno-o-ow. Now I'm looking forward to our next lunch and thinking up collaboration craft projects or us. Watch out :)

  5. I have tons of friends over on the HGTV Quilting Forum and have been a member there since October 2003. April 2011, I invited over 100 of those ladies to NC for a quilting retreat. 81 came!

    I had already met a small handful just by meeting up when hubby and I traveled. It is the icing on the cake to solidify a friendship.


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