Sewing Guild Fabric Challenge

This spring, my local sewing guild, the Northern Virginia Chapter of the American Sewing Guild, issued a fabric challenge.  Participants were give the one yard of the same print fabric.  The challenge was to make something with it.  The entire yard didn't have to be used, and it could be dyed, bedazzled, or whatever.  I didn't sign up for the challenge, since there were health issues going on with me.  But, at our chapter's recent annual meeting, others showed their fabric challenge projects.  It was great fun to see what people came up with using this definitely challenging fabric.

The Challenge Fabric

I do the website for my sewing guild chapter, and just uploaded the photos from the meeting.

I wanted to share these projects, so click here to see the project photos.

An umbrella made by a sewing guild friend.

Happy Stitching!!


  1. The challenge fabric is gorgeous and inspiring. I had fun looking at all the projects, but I'm most in awe of the umbrella. Beautiful and mind boggling!

  2. What wild fabric and a very cool umbrella!


  3. Hey Sylvia, your creativity is remarkable. I looked at all the other creative designs other people have shown, and i liked the bed sheet and handbag patterns. It's good that there are many competitions are organized so that people can show their talent. thanks for sharing the post and inspiring me for making something creative like you. Visit the link below for great furniture fabric collections and idea for your home.


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