Turn Off Iron Reminder Card

I always second guess myself and wonder if I've turned off my iron.  I haven't left it on all night yet, but I have come back in my sewing room after being out for several hours, and noticed that it was still on.  That happened again recently, so I made myself a reminder card.

I just printed it on a card stock paper and laminated it for extra durability. I  have it taped above the light switch in my sewing room.

I see it every time I leave the room and shut off the light.  It does a good job or reminding me to think if I've turned it off.  Perfect.

If you want to print your own reminder card, you can download it here.

Happy Stitching!!


  1. That's a really good idea! I now have an iron that automatically shuts off, which is nice. But I will have to pass this idea onto my daughters, who really need one of these :)

  2. What a great idea. Now I need one for the straighener, the oven, the....

  3. I have my ironed plugged into a power strip along with a light. When I turn the strip on, the iron & light both turn on. I always know the iron is on if the light is on.

  4. I always put a plastic bead bracelet on my right arm if I put the iron on, that way I am reminded to shut it off. The bracelet always stays next to the iron!


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