New Sewing Room Floors

We were replacing the flooring in our home, and this room had a blue carpet.  We thought it best to put a hard floor down so that the pins and needles that drop don't get lost in the carpet, only to be discovered once someone steps on them.

The room looks strange when it was emptied, and the old carpet torn up.  The first pics were from my cell-phone and were a bit blurry...
Old flooring torn out.

It was easier to leave this table in the room, than try to squeeze through the door.

So I switched to a real camera for a better shot...
View from hallway towards Sewing Room.

Making Progress!

The flooring we chose for this room is a wood laminate Natural Values II by Shaw Floors in the Abbey Hickory color.

Finishing Touches..


 Since I was starting with an empty room again, I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to rearrange (again) this space.  I also want to declutter as I move things back in.  I will post the new sewing room pics too.

Happy Stitching!!

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