New Sewing Room!

Well, the room itself isn't new, but it has new floors, and since I was starting with an empty room, the room layout was updated too.
Ahhh, a blank slate to start with.

I pulled out my sewing room grid which I saved from last time to play with the layout.    My sewing room is long and narrow with a center door and a slanted ceiling on the right half of the room.

Based on several rearrangement trials, my favorite spot for the cutting table is centered so that it is accessible from all four sides, so I moved it away from the window and wall.

I recently inherited a sewing desk (and many other sewing items) from a friend's mom.  The sewing desk expands to over 6' in length, so I am limited on where I placed it.   I decided to go with this room layout...

Let me show you around!

My favorite position for the cutting table is centered with accessibility on all four sides.  I also like having the room's only window fully visible.

This left corner hasn't changed much.  The tall dresser (former baby changer) is still on this wall with the TV/DVR on top.  I keep it on this side of the room because I have a full-ceiling height on that wall.  The iron shelf pulls out to make it double wide and convenient for pressing.

There is a small black file cabinet in the back, and small white sewing desk on the other side of the tall dresser.  The desk is folded down now, but can be wheeled around and opened up if and when needed.  On top of it, is an open box of scissors and cutters, plus a portable ott light and small cutting mat.

The back wall is covered in a grey flannel fabric for my design wall.  The small storage closet is on the back wall as well.

My sit-down long-arm Sweet 16 is next to the window and my Duetta sewing/embroidery machine is adjacent on a 6' folding table.

On the low-ceiling back-wall is a child's chifforobe.  It was an old and worn-out family antique when it was given to us when we started our family years ago.  I had it restored and it came back beautiful.  Now that our kids no longer use it for their clothes, I use if for my project stash and supplies.

The sewing desk is in the right corner of the room.  I have my Singer 160 set up on it, but will need to move it aside if I want or need to use the display monitor (in the corner) with my laptop.

I tried to get a panoramic photo of my room, as viewed from the doorway in the center of the long wall.

I love, love, love having the hard floors in this room.  I like having carpet in the bedrooms of our home, but this room warrants a hard floor.  It will be easy to clean and care for, and safer as well.  The room is so neat and organized at the moment.  It is motivating!

Thanks for touring my sewing room!!

Happy Stitching


  1. Beautiful room! I like your new floors and the open space around your cutting table too. Your pressing surface is a great use of that changing table. How clever! I was looking at your floor plan and thinking what a spacious room you have and how much you've placed in there. And then I realized our rooms are similar in there dimensions - just different items placed in there. Enjoy!

  2. Inviting and lovely sewing room! I love hard floors too; it's so easy to keep it clean!

  3. Wow, wow, wow and one more wow! I love your room, you did a great job of laying it all out before you put things back...I need to do that.


  4. I am jealous! I would love a room like that for all of my sewing! Great layout!

  5. So happy for you! I wish my sewing room had hardwoods but am happy just to have a room dedicated to sewing! You'll love this new space. I've actually begun posting again (it's a miracle, I know). Enjoy the room!

  6. Looks so spacious! You did a wonderful job.

  7. You have really made great use of your space. I agree that the hard floors are the right choice for a sewing room. When we bought our current house, the very first thing I did was take the carpet out of what was going to be my sewing room and put down hard floors.

  8. Lovely sewing room! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!


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