Fuzzy Bunnies!

I've been busy in the sewing room while we recover from the effects of the recent 32" of snow we received.  The kids were out of school all last week, and have had delayed openings this week.  Hoping for the return to normal routines soon!

I have this in-the-hoop bunny design in my collection from Artistic Threadworks, and decided to give it a try (The design is now at Holly's Design Studio).  It was fun to make, so I made some more - monogrammed a few and then made smaller ones to match!  What fun!

I feel like I am channeling Spring to come soon.  Tuesday was Ground hog Day, and an early Spring was predicted.  Let's hope that is true.

I've put this bunnies up on the Etsy shop.  Thought they would be great for Easter, and now is the time to get them.

They multiply fast!!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. These bunnies are so cute and perfect for Easter! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!


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