Golden Tapestry Work in Progress

I am so excited to begin work on my Golden Tapestry project.
I've had this design from Anita  Goodesign for 3 years.  I even mentioned it in a blog post when I bought it.  I wanted to  do my tapestry on a dark green background, and I bought the Dupioni silk for this project three years ago as well.  I sat on it this long for several reasons:
  1. I still need to buy lots of expensive gold metallic thread.
  2. I'm chicken to cut and stitch on my silk for fear of ruining it.  
  3. Just plain lack of confidence to start and finish this project.
After making a bunch of Anita Goodesign designs lately, I've got confidence in their designs and project instructions.  I searched online and found the best price I could for gold metallic embroidery thread.  I read many positive things about Floriani's Premium Metallic thread, so I ordered this brand in color Gold G3.  That took care of two out of three of my delay reasons.  I have a hard time finishing big projects. Today was another snow day and being stuck inside I decided to just do this project tackle my fear.  I took down the quilt blocks off the design wall from my uncompleted Crafty's 2015 Block of the Month class.  I haven't touched it since the end of summer sewing retreat.

I did read the instructions throughly before any cutting - even highlighted important notes.  Since this project requires the same size fabric panels for much of the project, I started the project off by cutting all the batting pieces I would need for main design, border and corner pieces.  Then I fused the interfacing to the back of the silk before cutting the fabric
Fusing the interfacing to silk before cutting.
Each file takes a very long time to stitch, so I arranged my materials in an assembly line order - ready for the next part.
Stabilizer, batting, fused silk and threads all ready to go!

I was able to get four panels done today.  Twenty eight more to go!!

The panels stitched beautifully.  Depending on the amount of stitches, each one takes 1-2 hours to stitch on my machine.

Four out of 32 main design panels done.
This project is going to take a while, but I love the look of it.  The gold metallic thread has been easy to work with.  

So now there is a new work-in-progress on my design wall.  :-)

Happy Stitching!


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