Christmas in July No-Sew Quilt Magic

I took along a no-sew quilt project of our annual beach week vacation.  We traveled again to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and stayed in Nags Head.  It was beautiful weather for just about all of the week, so it was hard to find time to justify staying inside to craft.  But I found time early morning and late evening.  :)

I've had this Nativity Quilt Magic craft for over a year, and didn't get to it for last Christmas, so I decided to get a jump on this holiday season and bring it along as my project.

The project is simple enough.  All you need is a pair of scissors and a blunt (non-sharp!) edge like a butter knife, or a tucking tool.  I've done a couple of these type of crafts.  (For the first one, I used the back side of a seam ripper as my tucking tool, and it worked fine.)  I have since purchased a small tucking tool which I like.

This project is easy to do:
Work in progress.
Cut out the paper pattern pieces and use them to cut the corresponding fabrics.  Tuck each piece into the board as you go.

Paper pattern piece cut.

Fabric cut with pattern.  Also cut the "give" lines around curves.

Use a blunt-edge blade to tuck the fabric into the pattern board slots.

Tuck all around.

Bottom piece all tucked in.

Repeat the same for each pattern piece until the board is finished.
Brown fabrics tucked in.
All fabrics done:
All finished.

I really liked how this craft turned out.  This Quilt Magic brand, has a thin soft foam layer on top of the core board.  I prefer that it gives a bit of a cushion and soft touch to the finished craft, as compared to the other Artsi2 brand I tried that does not have this layer. There are two other Quilt Magic Christmas panels that compliment this Nativity panel.  The Three Kings and The Good Shepherd.  I emailed Quilt Magic to confirm that the fabrics between the kits would match, as I've seen different fabrics used in the Nativity scene.  They did confirm that the other kits will have fabric matching to the one I already completed.  I just ordered them both and can't wait to get them.  Hope to get them done this year!  :)

Vacation photo to share:
Here is one of my favorite pics I was lucky to get on my cell phone last week:

Even got the bird to pose for my photo.  :)
Happy Stitching!

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