That's me in the Jonome pic!

I was catching up on some blogs, and read Janome's post for the Sewing Escape weekends they are sponsoring.  Reading through the post, I recognized our group photo from the weekend event I attended.  But then I noticed their promotion image.  I recognized that girl in the photo.  Plus I see my name is on that machine.  :-)  I'm famous! - sorta - kinda- not really - no - but it was a fun surprise to see.

That's me in pink.  :-)  I remembered to wear long sleeves because that room was cold! 

To read Janome's post on their Sewing Escape weekend, click here.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. So nice that you found your picture in the post. It seems like a fun time. I love all these sewing events!


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