5th Saturday - Pet Screen Summer Tote

Our Northern Virginia chapter of the American Sewing Guild likes to host some type of sewing program when there is a 5th Saturday in a month.  Doesn't happen but a few times each year.  Last Saturday, July 30th, was an adorable "Pet Screen Summer Screen Tote" event.

We met a a local library.  One of the chapter members had made these totes for her bridesmaids.  She was gracious enough to write up the instructions for us.  We had 16 ladies at this event.   Special thanks to the ladies who organized the event and prepared the kits for us.

I liked that this bag had the webbing wrap all around the tote for extra reinforcement.  Also, the pet screen was one long piece as well for extra strength.  I found the mesh fabric slippery and a little tricky to work with.  My stitching wasn't the straightest on this bag, but it still worked to get it done.

First step was to cut the panels for the top rim of the bag.  Reinforced the fabric with fusible stabilizer, fold over each long edge .5 inch.  Fold over each end of the mesh and top stitch in place.

A magnetic closure can be added if desired.  Then stitch the panels down.

The webbing was sewn in 5" from each side. and a 4" section in the middled was marked with tape for the bottom of the bag.

Two more panels were cut for the bottom band of the fabric.  These were stitched on top of the webbing.

As I was stitching them, I watched a few other ladies in the room turn their bottom panel into outside pockets on the tote.  I decided to do the same.

The side edges were covered with a fabric binding, and the bottom corners were stitched to make a box bottom on the tote.
All done and ready for the pool!

Happy Stitching!!

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