A little time with the Sweet Sixteen

I have to admit, it's been a while since I have been able to spend time on my Sweet 16.  Not for lack of desire, just lack of time to focus on it.  I did get a new addition for my Sweet 16 this summer - two table extensions!  I had been trying, but failed to find a coupon or a sale on the table extensions.  I ordered these from Pocono Sew & Vac.  They do not advertise the price, but when I called them, the cost was less than retail.  Free shipping and no tax if out of state. (Disclaimer - I am not affiliated with them - just sharing my info.) :-)
I think even our dog loves this package at my door.

Installing the table extensions was not hard.  Besides the printed instructions, there is a Handi Quilter video online that walks you through the installation setup.  You start with your Sweet 16 table upside down. Then flip it up on its legs once the extensions are installed.

Start installation on the floor

Flip the table up onto its legs.

Sweet 16 Table with extensions folded down.

Of course I got to rearrange the corner of my sewing room to accommodate my larger table.

I have my friend's rainbow 1600 quilt on my table ready to quilt.  

I finally sat down this week and did a large all-over stipple on the quilt.

All-over quilt finished.

My friend is giving this quilt to her daughter as she goes off to college this fall.

Happy Stitching!

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