Walker Bag In-the-Hoop for Mother's Day

Walker Bag In-the Hoop

I'm sew happy with the way this bag I made for my mom came out.  Mom likes to use the rollator/walker in the mornings - until she is gets steady on her feet.  I saw the Butterfly Walker In-The-Hoop design from Sweet Pea Embroidery Designs, and knew that is what I would make for Mom for Mother's Day.  ðŸŒ·

The front panel of the bag is made of three pockets:  one zipper, one long pocket, and one tall pocket with a pen holder section.  The pockets are done in-the-hoop style, and the rest of the bag is constructed at the sewing machine.

Design:  Walker Butterfly Bag 6x10 in the hoop machine embroidery design by Sweet Pea

This bag design is made for the straps to connect in the middle to allow it to be hung on a walker.  It can also be made with regular straps for a traditional tote bag.

My fabric choices.  All found at my local JoAnn store.
Mom loves birds. 

Most fabric pieces cut and ready.
I find the file label stickers handy!
Interior lining fabric and back panel were cut later.

The instructions for putting together the bag are very detailed and easy to follow.  The only thing I did different was to add some batting to the front pockets and additional support to the back.

Trying to preview how the front panel will look.

First panel.  Zipper pocket.

Second and Third Pockets.  I added batitng to the front "bird" fabric.  Also top stitched across the fold of the pock to hold the batting in place.

Better preview of front panel.

Front panel sewn and back panel ready.  The back panel has batting, and I added Peltex as well for structure.

The strap pieces are sewn to the front and back with velcro attached to the ends to allow the bag to be hung on the bar of a walker.

Sew together the inside lining and slip it over the outside of the bag.

Turn the bag out, and top stitch around top edge.

To add to support for the bag, I covered a thin piece of basswood with fabric and Peltex, and laid it inside the bottom of the bag.  It can be removed when the bag needs to be washed.
Using my craft (non-fabric!) rotary cutter, I trimmed the wood to be 0.25" shorter in width and length than the bottom finished size of the bag.  Also trimmed two pieces of Peltex this same size, and use spray adhesive to cover both sides of the wood piece.  To cover the wood, sew a snug fitting tube, stitched close on one end.  On the open end, tuck the fabrics in smoothly with a blunt edge.  No glue required.

Back of bag.

Completed bag.  

Mom loved it! 🌷

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Happy Stitching!


  1. Hi Sylvia! I can see why your Mom love this bag. It is perfect, handy, and if she loves birds the fabric is lovely too. I'll bet she smiles every time she uses it and thinks of you ~smile~

  2. How long would you make the straps if you were going to change it into a tote bag? I was in the process of making this for Mom when she suffered a massive stroke. Since she will not be able to enjoy this bag, I would like to make it as a gift to her favorite nurse.

    1. So sorry for your Mom! I would cut the straps to be 20". That is a measurement for straps on another tote by this designer. Hope this helps.

    2. Thank you. I know she would want Nurse Cathy to have it. I appreciate your input.


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