ScanNCut for a Garden Flag

I have a new toy!  Actually, I got this toy for Christmas, over a year ago - not this most recent Christmas, but it is still new to me as it hasn't really been used.  It is a Brother ScanNCut 650W - a digital cutting machine.  My intention for the machine is to use it to pre-cut appliqué fabrics.  That would a be time saver!
The result of playing with my ScanNCut. :)
I played with my ScanNCut just a tiny bit when I first got it.  Tried a couple of cuts.  But then, unfortunately, it has sat on my shelf all this time, just waiting for more attention.  My teenage crafty daughter has been asking to learn how to use it to make monograms.  Today was a free day for me, so I pulled out the machine and played with it again to relearn how to use it.  The result by tonight was a new garden flag for our home!
Brother ScanNCut CM650W
The Brother company has a nice website dedicated to their ScanNCut digital cutting products at  Brother also provides a free online software site for editing and storing your digital cut files and projects, called CanvasWorkspace.  You can get to CanvasWorkspace at

Monogram Garden Flag
The monogram design for this flag came from the Silhouette Design Store.
The burlap garden flag came from All About Blanks.  The burlap flag is 18"x13" and two layers, so they are nice and sturdy.

You will need heat transfer vinyl (HTV).  I used Siser Easyweed HTV from amazon.

Import the monogram image in a new project on CanvasWorkspace.  Edit to add name and date and resize as you desire.

Design is reversed for cutting.

Don't forget to reverse your monogram design as it will need to be cut this way.

The settings on my ScanNCut that I used for this project:
  • Blade:  Standard blade, depth 2
  • Speed:  2
  • Pressure:  0
  • Mat:  Middle-tack mat (pink & turquoise color)
Put the HTV on the mat, shiny-side down.  Transfer the design to the machine.
Be sure to run a test cut first of a small shape to verify the settings look good for this run.
Then load your design and let it cut.

Cutting in action.

When it is done cutting, use your tools to weed out the vinyl that is not needed.
Weeding out the vinyl.
All excess vinyl removed.
The last step is to iron on the heat-transfer-vinyl to your flag.  Set the iron between Cotton and Linen settings.  Iron on a hard surface, and place a kraft paper or thin sheet between the vinyl and the iron.  Press each area of your design with your iron for about 15 seconds.
When finished pressing all areas, let it cool a bit and carefully remove the plastic lining.
If the design is not quite set or starts to lift as you remove the covering, recover and press with iron again.  Cool a bit and try again.  

I am really pleased with how this turned out.  Can't wait to use this machine for more fun.   I am sharing this on Too Cute Tuesday.

Happy Crafting!

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