Wallet/Diabetic Combo Case Finish

It is finally finished!  After all the procrastinating and worrying about how I would do this, I am really pleased with how it has turned out.

Little background - A friend asked if I could make a diabetic case for her teenage daughter.  She is a type I diabetic and has been using her diabetic case also as her wallet.  She wanted a case that had separate compartments for wallet function and diabetic functions.  I said Sure.  ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Of course, when I started looking for a design pattern to make such a unit, none could be found, unfortunately.  ๐Ÿ˜•

So, I decided to try and design one myself.  I learned how to make a simple diabetic case, and I also learned how to make a simple card wallet.  Then took the time to go through exactly what my friend was looking for, drawing out each panels on graph paper.

Then I procrastinated again, then finally stitched up each of them.

Then those nice little panels stayed up on my design wall for the more than a month.  Just waiting for me to figure out how to stitch them all together.  Was not sure how I would get it to work.  Took the pieces with me when I went to visit my mom last week.  She is great one to bounce sewing ideas off of.  As I was showing her the pieces, and talking about this project with her, the idea clicked on how I could sew the pieces together.

First thing to figure out was the zipper strips.  One for the wallet compartment and the second for the deeper diabetic compartment.

Attach the zipper strips to the panels.

Sew the panels together.  I added a piece of plastic mesh in the center for added sturdiness.

Sew on the panels and cover the outside panels in a binding.

Add the zipper pulls and it was done!

The small awareness ribbon that is embroidered on the back came from Creative Appliquรฉ. on Etsy.  I stitched it in gray and added a small drop of red to it to make it the Diabetes Awarness symbol.  This raindrop embroidery shape came from Adelaides Corner, also on Etsy.  I took the smallest size raindrop and shrunk it a bit to fit on the ribbon.

There are several ways this case can be customized.  A strap or handle can be added.  A wide elastic loop was requested for this case, so that is what I sewed on this one.  You can also add more loops to the diabetic compartment.  Can be sewn to suit the user's needs.  ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I shared this project on a couple sewing groups on Facebook, and have been encouraged to create a pattern for this design.  I will do that too!

I'm sharing this project at Freemotion by the River, Too Cute TuesdayFiber Tuesday and Esther's Wow.

Happy stitching!

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