Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Annie's Mystery Quilt Block 2

I finished the second book in the Annie's Quilted Mysteries Book Club, titled Raven Threads.  Each book in the series includes a block for a mystery sampler quilt.  I did a post on the first book's Friendship Star block in January.  The last book in the series will also include finishing instructions to create a mystery quilt designed by the series' characters, Cotton & Grace.

The second block is called Raven with a Finished Block Size of 12"x12".

This block is only two colors, and I auditioned the same fabrics from the first block in Electric Quilt again.  I decided to go with the yellow for my light color and blue for my dark color.  If you want to make one, here is my rotary cutting printout from EQ for this Raven block.

My fabrics

EQ7 Version of my block

Pieces Cut

Block 2 assembled.

Today, I started reading book #3 in this series!

Happy Stitching!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Melted Crayon Art

I'll share a little arts and crafts today.  :-)

I got my 13-year-old hooked on Pinterest recently.  She loves pinning the items related to DIY crafts, organization and fashion.  One of the crafts she wanted to try was melted crayon art.  It looks so cool in the pictures!  We got out the glue gun and went to our local Hobby Lobby store to pick up some canvas boards, crayons and a heat gun.

Supplies are ready!
Here is how she made a melted canvas art for her and her littler sister:

  • Sort your crayons for shade effects.

  • Use the hot glue gun to glue each crayon pointing down from the top of the canvas board.  You can have all the labels face the same way for uniformity.  My daughter wanted the name of the crayon color to be face-up on her board.

  • Canvas boards are ready to go.

  • Cover the surrounding area of the artwork for protection.  Apply the heat gun towards the crayons, slightly pointed down to get the melting started.  A heat gun is better than a hair dryer as the heat is more directed, and will cause less splattering of the melted wax.   It is a good idea to practice first on some scrap crayons and paper to get the feel for how this works.

  • Let the melted wax cool and harden before moving your canvas board.  The wax can easily be scraped off (in a bottom corner for instance) to add your own artwork to your canvas.

Both girls now want to add their masterpieces to their bedroom wall decor.  :-)

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowed-In Stitchopoly

What's one thing to do with your kids when you're snowed in?  Play games!   We played Clue the other night with everyone, but then I also got to play Stitch-opoly with my daughter.

My daughter likes to play games, and we usually play Quiltopoly, but we haven't played Stitchopoly for a while, so it was time to get this one out.  Thought you might enjoy seeing this game too.

Needlework tokens

Stitchopoly is played much like the Monopoly board game.  You roll the dice and move around the board buying properties.  In this game, the properties are needlework techniques.  When you collect a color set, you can purchase needlework studios and shops (instead of houses and hotels in the original Monopoly game).

Needlework Technique cards in Stitchopoly

Start Stitching!!
A Needlework Stash card

A Go Shopping card

As usual, my daughter beat me at our round of play.  It was fun though!

What's another thing to do when you are snowed in?  The younger ones built a fort in our family room with bed sheets and blankets.  I remember building these when I was young, don't you?

Blanket Fort in our family room.

A view from above.

Happy Stitching!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope my family will let me get some work done in my sewing room today.  The kids are all home from school due to the 18" of snow we received yesterday.  At least they got to enjoy the snow and build an igloo.  :-)

Happy Stitching!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sit-n-Sew Chemo Bag Covers

We held our first sit-n-sew event for sewing chemo bag covers for Team Mathias. 10 volunteers came in to help put these covers together.  It was fun and we're looking forward to the next one in March.  (If you are local to Leesburg, feel free to sign up.)  If you are not local, but would like to help this effort, you can print the directions here to make your own to donate to your local hospital or clinic. (The instructions do not indicate a seam allowance, but based on a sample bag I had, I used 1/4" seams.)

Click here to see the post on how to make one of these covers.

Getting Started


Working Away...

Myself and Mary



Adrianna and Roya (Mathias' mom)

Finished Covers

To read more about Mathias, visit the Team Mathias page on Facebook or on CaringBridge.
Happy Stitching!

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Chemo Bag Covers for Team Mathias

Mathias Giordano is 12 years old, and he and his family live here in Leesburg.  Mathias is battling osteosarcoma.  He's bravely been through 25 rounds of chemo and several surgeries - including amputation of his right leg.  And still, he has a smile on his face.  He and his family are inspirational with the outreach they do to promote childhood cancer awareness.  

Mathias didn't like seeing the bag of chemo product when he goes in for treatment, so a family friend quickly stitched a cover in some fun fabric for him to put over the bag when it hangs on the IV pole.  Mathias loved it, and thought they should make more covers for other chemo patients.  I told Mathias' mom, Roya, I'd be happy to help her with this effort, so we've coordinated a Sit-n-Sew event at the Leesburg Hobby Lobby to make these chemo bag covers!

Mathias, some chemo bag covers, and one in use.

Mathias liked to play soccer before he was diagnosed with cancer, and his jersey number was 12.  So, Roya picked Wednesday, the 12th to be the first sit-n-sew event.  We're holding a morning sew-in this month, and an evening sew-in on March 12th.  I'm very excited about this effort!

These chemo bag covers are simple to make:
  • Cut the fabrics 11"L x 9"W and pair them (for a front and a back to the bag).  Pay attention if the fabric has a directional print - cut it so the design is straight up with a portrait orientation rather than sideways or upside-down.  
  • Darker, brighter color fabrics are preferred, so the chemo bag cannot be seen through when hung on the IV pole.
  • You can print the directions here.   (The instructions do not indicate a seam allowance, but based on a sample bag I had, I used 1/4" seams.)
A pair of 11" x 9" fabric

Fold over the short sides of the fabric 1/4 inch and stitch down.

Attach a Team Mathias label to the front cover fabric (if done for Team Mathias).

Lay the two fabrics right-sides together.
Leave about a 3" opening in the center of the top of the cover.
Pin to mark the opening.

Stitch from the pin to the corner and down the side edge.
Repeat for other side.
Leave the bottom edge open.

Turn out, and you're done!

You can also make these chemo bag covers to donate to your local hospital/clinic near you.  It's an easy way to make a child's day a little brighter.  You can use non-child print fabric for adults as well.

To read more about Mathias, visit the Team Mathias page on Facebook, or Mathias Giordano on CaringBridge.

Happy Stitching!!

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blue Quilt Top Done

I finished the block and added the borders for my blue quilt.  This quilt was for the Digitized Quilting class.   Pin and thread basting are not options with embroidered quilting so, I sandwiched it with fusible batting and heat set it with the iron.  It is ready for quilting via my embroidery machine next.

Quilt top on the design wall.

Top sandwiched with fusible batting and ready to quilt.
The cutting directions for the center block is here.  The borders were cut at 6.5" width.

Did you notice the Curious George stuffed monkey on my sewing table?  Seems like our dog, Shadow, took some nibble's out of George's foot.  Shadow's chewing habits have curbed from his puppy days, but sometimes it seems he still just can't resist.  I'll stitch poor George's foot closed, although he has lost a couple of toes.  This George has belonged to all four of my kids at some point, and he has been lovingly passed along from one to the next.  Our youngest (7-year-old) is the current and last owner of George, and she dresses him in a nightgown that matches one of her pajamas.  George doesn't complain about the dress, and my girl can't wait to have him fixed up.  :-)
Curious George in a dress with an injured foot.
Happy Stitching!

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