Snowed-In Stitchopoly

What's one thing to do with your kids when you're snowed in?  Play games!   We played Clue the other night with everyone, but then I also got to play Stitch-opoly with my daughter.

My daughter likes to play games, and we usually play Quiltopoly, but we haven't played Stitchopoly for a while, so it was time to get this one out.  Thought you might enjoy seeing this game too.

Needlework tokens

Stitchopoly is played much like the Monopoly board game.  You roll the dice and move around the board buying properties.  In this game, the properties are needlework techniques.  When you collect a color set, you can purchase needlework studios and shops (instead of houses and hotels in the original Monopoly game).

Needlework Technique cards in Stitchopoly

Start Stitching!!
A Needlework Stash card

A Go Shopping card

As usual, my daughter beat me at our round of play.  It was fun though!

What's another thing to do when you are snowed in?  The younger ones built a fort in our family room with bed sheets and blankets.  I remember building these when I was young, don't you?

Blanket Fort in our family room.

A view from above.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I have never seen Stitchopoly - I love it. Monopoly is my favourite all time board game. Looks like you where all having fun :) xx

  2. I have never seen this game / looks like FUN!!!!!! :)

  3. Looks like a fun game to take to a retreat for those down times when you back needs a break from the machine. And I remember fondly the forts in the living room.

  4. What fun games! I've never seen either one before. Can't wait for Spring!

  5. Looks like your family really enJOYs snow days. We used to play games a lot too. Don't have anyone around now that likes to play.

  6. Stitchopoly! Never knew that the game existed! Stopping in from Sew Many Ways. stay warm...sending you sunshine from Florida! ;)

  7. What a nice idea!!! :) :) :)


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