Melted Crayon Art

I'll share a little arts and crafts today.  :-)

I got my 13-year-old hooked on Pinterest recently.  She loves pinning the items related to DIY crafts, organization and fashion.  One of the crafts she wanted to try was melted crayon art.  It looks so cool in the pictures!  We got out the glue gun and went to our local Hobby Lobby store to pick up some canvas boards, crayons and a heat gun.

Supplies are ready!
Here is how she made a melted canvas art for her and her littler sister:

  • Sort your crayons for shade effects.

  • Use the hot glue gun to glue each crayon pointing down from the top of the canvas board.  You can have all the labels face the same way for uniformity.  My daughter wanted the name of the crayon color to be face-up on her board.

  • Canvas boards are ready to go.

  • Cover the surrounding area of the artwork for protection.  Apply the heat gun towards the crayons, slightly pointed down to get the melting started.  A heat gun is better than a hair dryer as the heat is more directed, and will cause less splattering of the melted wax.   It is a good idea to practice first on some scrap crayons and paper to get the feel for how this works.

  • Let the melted wax cool and harden before moving your canvas board.  The wax can easily be scraped off (in a bottom corner for instance) to add your own artwork to your canvas.

Both girls now want to add their masterpieces to their bedroom wall decor.  :-)

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  1. Sylvia, My college daughter and and her roommate made these for their college apartment. Relatively cheap, They didn't want just posters. They also made other canvas art by spray painting the canvas, laying objecting (leaves, weeds, dollies) over and spraying with another color. The artwork may it look less less like an college apartment.


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