Blue Quilt Top Done

I finished the block and added the borders for my blue quilt.  This quilt was for the Digitized Quilting class.   Pin and thread basting are not options with embroidered quilting so, I sandwiched it with fusible batting and heat set it with the iron.  It is ready for quilting via my embroidery machine next.

Quilt top on the design wall.

Top sandwiched with fusible batting and ready to quilt.
The cutting directions for the center block is here.  The borders were cut at 6.5" width.

Did you notice the Curious George stuffed monkey on my sewing table?  Seems like our dog, Shadow, took some nibble's out of George's foot.  Shadow's chewing habits have curbed from his puppy days, but sometimes it seems he still just can't resist.  I'll stitch poor George's foot closed, although he has lost a couple of toes.  This George has belonged to all four of my kids at some point, and he has been lovingly passed along from one to the next.  Our youngest (7-year-old) is the current and last owner of George, and she dresses him in a nightgown that matches one of her pajamas.  George doesn't complain about the dress, and my girl can't wait to have him fixed up.  :-)
Curious George in a dress with an injured foot.
Happy Stitching!


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