UFO Crystal Star Quilt Finally Done

How long does a UFO take to complete?

This is the first full quilt I started in a class at JoAnn's more than two years ago.  I got the top done, but then it sat in my closet for a couple of years, waiting me for to  get the nerve to quilt the top.  I finally gave it to my long-arm quilter Nancine this past summer as I thought I would never quilt it myself.  (Owning a Sweet 16 wasn't a serious thought still).  She did a nice job with an all-over design called Almost Paisley.    I got it back and stitched the binding to the front, and then started hand-stitching to the back....

I have discovered that I really do not prefer to hand-stitch the binding.  :-)
I now accept that bindings are my least favorite part of quilting.  It has taken me months to sit for a bit at a time to get some of that binding done on this one.

Enter my friend Kathleen who has a fondness for knitting and hand stitching.  She offers up a barter where she will hand finish the bindings for me if I use my new Sweet 16 to stipple quilt her tops.  Sounds great to me!!

November 2012 - My first quilt-top finally complete with binding.
The date when I embroidered my name at the bottom reads "Feb. 2010"!  
Kathleen got my binding done lickity split last weekend, so I used last night's Friday Night Sew-In to quilt her top.  That'll be my next post. :-)

So happy my first quilt finally finished!  It is now laying across the back of the family room sofa ready to keep someone cozy.

The back showing the quilting done.
This was done on a Gammill with the Almost Paisley design.
I love how my DD1 is missing one sock in this photo!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Beautiful quilt! Your quilting vs. binding barter sounds perfect... divide and conquer.


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