Funday Monday 17

Happy Funday Monday!  Hope all the mothers out there enjoyed their Mother's Day!  I got the day off yesterday, and got some time alone in my sewing room for a little treat.

A friend requested if I would monogram her Land's End lunch tote bag.  It is a really thick canvas, and I could not stitch her pocket without stitching it closed.  I did a small initial above the pocket.

My children's Taekwondo instructor asked if I could embroider on belts.  I've done karate belts once before, and it worked ok, so I agreed to do a few belts for him.

My home embroidery machine was not happy stitching on these belts.  Previously, I've done a larger font for this type of belt, but these belts required 1/2" inch lettering.  That is a lot of tight stitches through tough material.  My needles would break, and I tried a variety of different needles to try and make it work.

Glad I got them done.  They're definitely OK, but not my best work.  

I've got more "To Do" stitching items this week.  Thanks to the crafty friends that shared their projects last week!  Please share again!!

WELCOME to our little weekly sharing party!

Little Funday Monday History...
This past fall, my friend Kathleen (I mention her a lot on this blog) and I made a commitment to get together once a week for crafting.  We chose Mondays to be our day to craft, and we call them "Funday Mondays".    It makes Mondays much more fun, don't you think??

I always have more fun when I stitch with a friend, so I thought I would have a linky party so we can have everyone join for a group Funday.

Please join in and share a link to your post of what's new with you.  Anything family-friendly would be great!  I just ask that you link to a specific post in your blog (not your whole blog).

This party is open Monday - Friday this week, so that gives us plenty of time to come back and share.

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