Wednesday's WIPs, Pics, and Quilting in Space!

It's been busy around here lately, but I did get a couple small embroideries done today.

Work-In-Progress (WIP)

My old neighbor asked if I could do another lacrosse bag for her daughter's upcoming birthday.  I used the Monogram Wizard Plus software with the Exact Script font.  It isn't easy to get a section of a thick back pack under the sewing needle.  This is about as low as I could get this monogram on the front pocket.

I've had this overnight bag for a while.  I bought it with the intention to monogram it for myself, but never got around to it.  I finally decided to remove the masking tape with my last name from the top, and do a little embroidery for me.   This was done in BES with the Plumage font.  This bag looks better now without the tape.  :-)

My real WIP is the long-arm quilting I have to do on a few quilts I have in my sewing room.

Lots of classes!!

I'm excited that I got the last spot in the EQ7 class when it will be taught locally (close enough anyway) at the MAQ 2013 seminar in July.  In-person classes for EQ7 are hard to come by in this area.  It will be a 1-hour drive for me, but I don't mind for this full-day class.

I also learned that will be closing at the end of this year.  (Sadly, the site's dean and founder, Carol Miller, recently passed away).  I decided to sign up for the EQ7 class I've been pondering since they won't be offered again.  I'm now enrolled in the EQ7 Building Blocks class which starts on May 24.

For Mother's Day, DH gave me a credit for several classes at!  I had links for 50% off of each of the classes I wanted, so I now have unlimited access to  Leah Day's Free Motion Fillers (vol 1 & vol 2), Angela Walter's Machine Quilting Negative Space and Quilting with Feathers, and Ann Petersen's Beyond Basic Machine Quilting.  The links I have in this post are good for 50% off too - except for Angela Walter's classes.
The trick I've found with, is that if you see a class you want on sale, add it to your shopping cart.  You won't have to buy it right away because the class will stay in your online cart at the sale price (even after the sale ends) until you purchase it, or delete it.  So I had Angela's classes in my cart from a recent sale price, and then I got it with the other classes for Mother's Day.

I've got lots of opportunities to learn something new! Good thing there is no time limit at Craftsy. :-)


The weather has been odd for May, but it finally was really nice the last couple of days.  Here are a couple of shots I took with my cell phone on my walk around the neighborhood.  I love the open space!  Just had to share...

So Pretty! 

Our puppy Shadow had his first real groom today.  He looks so spiffy now.  Thought I would share a nice pic of him since my last post on him wasn't the most positive.  :-)
What a handsome doggie!

First Quilter in Space!

A friend shared this article with me about NASA sending a quilter to the International Space Station.  How cool is that??  Read the NASA News article here.

Her name is Karen Nyberg.  I did a little searching on her, and found this profile of her at Quilts Inc.  She also has over 800 pins on Pinterest.  Her tag line on Pinterest reads "Astronaut by day.  Aspiring quilter, crafter, artist, runner by night.  Wife and Mommy 24/7."  Now that is a busy lady!

Happy Stitching!!


  1. wonderful views!! your dog looks so good did you do the grooming yourself or take him to someone!! congrats on getting the classes you wanted!!

    1. I did take Shadow to a local groomer to get him bathed and trimmed. I call it his "Spa Day". Wish I had one! :-)

  2. My goodness you are going to be very very bus y with all those classes, hope they are all as good as they sound. Quilter in space how cool is that????? Thanks for sharing. Cheers Glenda

  3. What an interesting post! And you are as busy as a one armed paper hanger. :) Thanks for sharing. Linda

  4. Beautiful country cute dog and have fun with eq7 I have no clue how to use it and have had it for years.

  5. Thanks or the heads-up on's closure. It's been a great resource.


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