Funday Monday 19

Welcome to our Funday Monday link up.

Last week was a slow week for me craft-wise.  Thank you to Maria for sharing her project.  She always has beautiful creations.

My friend and I are not meeting this week due to the holiday weekend, but I thought I would host a linky party anyway.  There is only one more Monday for us before school lets out.

I hope you can share some of your projects this week.  What are you working on?   I could use some inspiration.  I hope to work on EQ7 this week, and some FMQ.

Please share what you've been up to!

Little Funday Monday History...
This past fall, my friend Kathleen (I mention her a lot on this blog) and I made a commitment to get together once a week for crafting during the school year.  We chose Mondays to be our day to craft, and we call them "Funday Mondays".    It makes Mondays much more fun, don't you think??

I always have more fun when I stitch with a friend, so I thought I would have a linky party so we can have everyone join for a group Funday.

Please join in and share a link to your post of what's new with you.  Anything family-friendly would be great!  I just ask that you link to a specific post in your blog (not your whole blog).

This party is open Monday - Friday this week, so that gives us plenty of time to come back and share.

Grab my button if you like:


  1. I did link up something made from fabric, though not sewn. Hope that is ok. Thanks for hosting!

  2. visiting from Sew Many Ways. Love the idea of crafting together on a Monday.

  3. Hi, I'm visiting from Sew Many Ways. Thanks for the inspiration, I am now following you!

  4. Also here from SMW. I don't have a blog - yet. I read your posts & wanted to encourage you about the Thyroid Cancer. I have Breast Cancer for 8 1/2 yr.s now. I have seen that a positive attitude really helps. Of course, you will need the occasional melt-down, it helps relieve the stress. It is hard but do-able. Hang in there. I'll be praying for you. You can contact me by e-mail if you want.


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