How To: Clean your Rotary Cutting Mat

I thought I would start the new year off with some sewing room maintenance...

Is your cutting mat in need of a cleaning?  After all the no-sew blankets I cut in December, my mat needed some attention.  Rotary cutting fleece or batting is particularly hard on the mats.  Many fibers get caught in the self-healing crevasses as the blade cuts over it.   You cannot simply brush these fibers off.

BEFORE Cleaning:  My mat with lots of fleece fibers caught in it.

To the rescue!  I have a Cutting Mat Cleaner that I picked up from a vendor at a local quilt show that works well.  It feels like a piece of stiff, textured, rubber.  I know other places, like Nancy's Notions, sells similar cutting mat cleaners.  The one I have is from Designs to Share.

Simply rub the cleaner over your mat with a brush-like manner.  It will pull out the lint and fibers from the mat.  I wipe an area several times to pull all the fibers out.  It almost feels like using an eraser to clear your mat of debris.

Rub the cleaner on the mat.
Your mat is fresh and clean again!
AFTER Cleaning:  The fibers are gone!

The cleaner itself will need to be rinsed clean under some cold water when you are done.

It pulled up a lot of embedded fibers.

Hope you found this helpful.

Happy Stitching!


  1. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing. I definitely need one.

  2. very cool! thank you for the tip-I was not aware of this product.
    Happy New Year and Happy sewing

  3. Oh wow, I'll have to get one of those, thanks for the tip


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