I found a Singer 160 Limited Edition Tote!

2012 was the Singer Company's 160th anniversary.  I picked up their limited edition 160 machine that year from JoAnn.   Ever since, I've been looking for the Singer's 160 Limited Edition Tote bag.
Singer 160 Limited Edition Tote

I saw that HSN had offered it originally with their singer 160 bundle.  I've been unable to find it anywhere.  Last month, I saw that Walmart is now offering it.  I was so excited to finally find it.  Even my daughter remembered I had been looking for it when I showed it to her online.

My Singer 160
I have a black Singer bag, but it is not large enough for this machine.  My red tote bag arrived yesterday and looks good!  It is very roomy, sturdy and padded with inside pockets.

I love the large embroidered 160th Anniversary badge.

The kids were home again yesterday due to the severe weather we have had.  They were getting a bit stir crazy in the house as they've only had one day back at school since before Christmas.  Here was the temperature in the morning:  3°F (-16°C) was the air temp and with the wind, it felt like -9°F (-22°C).  They are back in school today!

Our Weather Status at 7 AM Tuesday

My treadmill desk has filled up with my laptop on it, but I like being able to check emails while I do my slow walk.  The birdhouse canvas project is coming along too.  

My treadmill desk is busy on top.

Friday Night with Friends is on for this Friday!  I've signed up, hope you will too.  :-)

Happy Stitching!

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