New Years Resolution - Sew from my Stash

Happy New Year!!

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?  Besides the continual, eat better, lose weight, exercise more, I do make one or two personal goals every year that I keep and follow through on.

Last year, I had a goal to EQ.   I did that, and even got to teach an intro EQ7 class this past fall.   A more in-depth class will be coming in 2014 too.

For 2014, my goal is to sew and create from my stash.  I don't want to buy any new projects this year.  Do you think this will be possible???  Like you may have, I have many projects waiting to be done.  I usualy buy everything I need for a project - pattern, thread and fabric - all together.  So my project is "funded" as my friend says.  It is all there, I just need to do it.  I like to keep the materials for a project together in bags.

Here is one storage piece of furniture in my sewing room.  It used to be a chifferobe for my children when they were babies.
Repurposed chifferobe now use to hold supplies and projects.
 Open the door on the right, and take a peek at the stack of projects that await.

There are more projects stored in plastic tubs in my closet, but I think this chifferobe is a good place for me to start.    I hope to show a different photo of this storage space at the end of the year.

I hope to prove this card wrong.  :-)

What are your resolutions??

Happy Stitching!


  1. I've spent the past couple of years sewing from my stash and even sewing patterns I've bought but never sewn a project from. The only thing I've run out and bought fabric for was my son's wedding quilt and a quilt out of the same pattern that I'm making for my sewing room. I think it's important to occasionally reward yourself with something new but scraps from my son's wedding quilt turned into two table toppers that I've made and sent to the quilters to be used as gifts. It's totally possible to only sew from your stash! Of course the company my husband worked for liquidated and my job was outsourced to India so that helped curb the ability to buy more fabric. My new year will be spent doing the same as the last few years. I just made the cutest skirts for my three granddaughters with fabric I bought for their mom and aunt!! It's Disney fabric and of course that never goes out of style! Good luck on your quest to use your stash!

  2. You have a wonderful stash. So organised with everything you need for a project. I tend to buy fabric I like with no project in mind. I will be working towards posting for the linky party each month at
    You work on an old project for a month and also try to learn a new technique or skill. Very laid back.

  3. Exactly what my goal is too. Good Luck!!!

  4. It looks like you will have plenty of projects to work on. I think you will achieve your goal :) I have plans to get more renovations completed on the house and to put together some quilts for nieces and nephews.

  5. Great goal. I have the same one. I will purchase if a customer wants something custom but I will be sewing from my stash for business and personal. This is going to challenge my creativity.

  6. I love to sew from my stash! It is totally possible. My problem with my stash is it is very country color wise and I find myself being drawn to the more modern fabrics lately. You can do it. I am visiting from Sew Many Ways.

  7. I definitely want to sew more from my stash! I've been trying to buy fabric for specific projects, but I'm just not getting to them!

  8. Sounds like you have picked a good goal. I find if I write my goal down, it is more likely to get done. I am going to take a picture of my quilt projects, which will make me more likely to want to start on one!! I am a visual person. Good luck on this goal

  9. How very organised your stash is! Good luck with working through it this year! Quick question - what's EQ? Happy new year, Jo x

  10. That's very organised! I sorted out my fabric today and discovered I had way more than I thought I did - now just to decide what I'm going to do with it all...


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