Simple Singer Featherweight Case Tote

I made a new tote for my Singer Featherweight Case!

I am looking forward to taking Nova Montgomery's Featherweight Maintenance class next weekend when she comes nearby on her Autumn Tour.  Because of the age and weight of my Featherweight, I do not like to rely on the case handle to tote it around.  Although my case is in good shape, I would just rather not put the pressure on the handle anymore.  I have been using a large canvas tote bag that fits the Featherweight case very snugly.  I thought I would make a similar, but nicer tote bag for my Featherweight that matches the Singer Featherweight look.

- 3/4 yard of black Double-faced Quilted Fabric (I purchased this one at my local JoAnn store).
- 4 yards of 1-1/4" black Belting (Mine was $4/yard, but I used a coupon at JoAnn).
- Black sewing thread

- Gold or similar tone embroidery thread for embroidery.
- Singer Featherweight decal embroidery design (I used the "Tall Bed Decal" from Jen's Vintage Sewing)
- The "Singer Featherweight" wording I did on my computer using a "Shelley" font. (.PES format is here for FREE - disclaimer - please test stitch your design first.)

1. Fold the fabric with selvage edges together.  Cut a 16.5" strip across the width of the fabric.  This is the body of the tote bag.  This will be a snug fit, like a glove.  You could make yours 17" or  even 17.5" wide if you want more room.

2. Cut a 9" strip across the width of the fabric.  Cut this long strip in half, so you have two pieces, each 9" wide.  These will be used for the side panels of the bag.

3. Straighten out the edges of the fabric and trim the selvedge.

  • A. Place the Featherweight case in the center of the large panel and gather the edges together to get an idea of where you would like your embroidery placed.

  • B.  Mark the center for embroidery.

  • C.  Edit the design as desired.  Hoop the fabric and embroider using your center mark made earlier.

4.  Pin the cotton belting to the front of your tote panel. I pinned mine 3" from the edge.  Start the belt at the bottom of the bag (center of the tote body panel).

5.  Pin the belting up the side of the body panel, give 24" for the handle, and continue pinning back down the other side of the panel.  Across the bottom, and up the panel, giving an equivalent 24" for the other handle.

6.  Pin the belting back to the beginning, overlapping a good inch.  Cut the excess and fold the edge under a bit for a clean look.

7.  Sew on the belting.  Start at the bottom, zigzag across the folded edge and box stitch the overlap for reinforcement.  Sew along each edge of the belting, a scant 1/4".

8.  Stop sewing the belting 1" from the top edge of the tote.  We will be folding the top 1" of fabric over at the end of the construction.  Box stitch the belting at this point for reinforcement.

9.  Find the center of the long edges of the tote body panel, and the center of a 9" side of each side panel.  Pin a side panel to each side of the body, matching the centers, right sides together.  Baste or sew each side in place, 1/4" seam.

10.  Pin the side panel long edges to the sides of the tote body panel, right sides together.   The side panel will be a longer than the tote body - that is OK, we will trim it later.

11.  Sew a side panel to the tote body panel, using 1/2" seam.  Start from the tote's top edge, go down, around the bottom (where it is already sewn in step #9), and back up to the top.    Repeat for the other side panel.

12.  Trim the side panels top raw edge even with the top of tote body panel.  Fold the top of the tote fabric down 1" all around (wrong sides together) and sew to secure.  Turn your tote right-side out and push out the bottom corners.  Top-stitch around the top of the tote, 1/4".

The Singer Featherweight case fits nicely inside!

I added snaps along the top of the tote for a neater look.  These snaps are functional for when the case is in storage, as most will pop open when carrying the tote in transit.

I now have a complete 3-piece set for my Singer Featherweight.  I have a tote for machine, a tote for the extension table, and a matching apron to wear.  All set!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Thank-you for sharing this tote for the featherweight machine! I am lucky to have my grandmothers old featherweight, and have been afraid of toting it too much by the case. I plan on making this for when I take my featherweight to retreats.

    1. HI! Lucky you for having your grandmother's featherweight! So glad you found this post helpful.

  2. Thank you for the great instructions, I have 3, 2 black and 1 white FW so I will be trying your method for at least one or more of them! I agree, the handles on the cases are not to be trusted!

    1. HI Rochelle! I hope these totes work well for your treasured Featherweights! :-)

  3. Sylvia, will you make and sell these.I would buy one, as I do not have embroidery capability.

    1. Hi Audrie! I had not thought about selling the bags, but I certainly could do that for someone through Etsy. Email me and we can discuss. :)

  4. Hello,
    I like your bag for your Featherweight. It looks beautiful. I am having difficulty following the instructions in #2, where you say to cut two 9” strips for the sides of the bag. These two strips should be cut 9” x ?”....Then, when using the belting or webbing for the handles, where do you join the two ends of that material to make the handles as secure as possible? Are the ends folded under and top stitched with an “X” and a box shape at this joining point. Then I’m assuming you top stitch the webbing or belting to secure handles? Thank you for clarifying these points with me. I’d very much appreciate your time to do that for me. Have a great day,

    1. For #2, I cut a 9" length by the width of the fabric.
      I join the webbing at the bottom of the back and secure with stitching.


  5. i converted the singer embroidery to jef file.. thank you

  6. I just made this carrying case - the direction were great, easy to follow and I love the result. Thank you!

  7. I just realized that although I purchased the embroidery files one file is missing the decal file is missing...I've reached out to the original email and then found one for Jen...but have NOT heard back yet...but it is the weekend...hopefully they are still reachable...I want to get this bag made asap


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